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I think it's time to get back on the Slimming World programme.

During the night, I realised that my bed frame has broken.  Also, my office chair won't stay at the height I want it and it's embarrassing because it makes farty noises whenever it goes down a bit.  And the button pinged off my trousers this morning.

Yes, I definitely need to get back on the diet...

Anyway, the fact that my bed is broken obviously means that I need a new one.  I can get one from Tesco Direct and get double Clubcard points, but I don't know where to start.  You know those memory foam mattresses?  Are they hard, or soft?  And are they worth the extra money?  Any other recommendations at all?  Anyone?  Bueller?
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Things that are making me happy tonight:

1.  It's Friday tomorrow!
2.  I had fish and chips for dinner!
3.  I'm having pizza for dinner tomorrow!
4.  Carling Black Label!
5.  Red wine in the rack!
6.  Marcus Edward Trescothick!
7.  The fact that Teh Dogge just took himself off to his toy box, got something out and "killed" it!

Things that are not making me happy tonight:

1.  The weather (which is shocking)!
2.  Erm...  That's about it, I think!  I'm in a strangely good mood tonight!

This post was brought to you by the letters Y, A, and Y and the symbol !
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Now...  Lovely people of my f-list - please look at this picture and tell me - does the B3432 bend to the right (assuming you're heading up towards the roundabout at the top right-hand corner of the picture), or is it practically straight?

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I came perilously close to getting stuck in a lift earlier.

I'd just finished work and I got into lift with Lesley, Di and Josh.  As the doors closed, Josh mentioned and he and Helen had been momentarily stuck in the same lift a short while previously, and sure enough, when we "landed" on the ground floor, the doors failed to open.  Twice.  The little light around the alarm button was illuminated, as well.  I was just starting to stress when Josh managed to manhandle the doors enough to prise them apart, and we all escaped.  Phew! 

I'll be walking up the stairs on Monday morning, I think!
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I was just on my way back from Somerfield when the nicest thing happened. I was driving along, thinking about whether to go to the gym on my way to work tomorrow, and then I remembered that tomorrow is in fact Sunday, and the gym thing is a decision that I can put off for another 24 hours! Huzzah!!!

I watched a shocking game of cricket earlier - Gloucestershire -v- Hampshire. Hampshire won in less than 8 overs, after Gloucestershire were all out for just 68 runs. It was just such bad batting - even worse than Somerset on a couple of occasions this season. I laughed. Actually, I laughed a lot. I especially laughed at Porterfield getting out because last night he was a horrible little cheat and didn't walk when the entire ground (apart from the umpires) saw that he was out.

I'm now going to watch Glamorgan -v- Essex, in Welsh. And I'm going to spend the evening eating the chicken dish which is cooking in the oven, drinking beer and wine, and eating a Belgian chocolate mousse type thing which mum bought me at Tesco earlier. Good times!


Jun. 19th, 2010 11:03 am
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Someone off of next door has a trumpet and is learning to play it. 

They are not learning with any degree of success at the minute - it sounds awful!!!

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I am writing this update from the top deck of a bus, at the same time as listening to music, using my iPhone! What a genius piece of kit!! Also a genius piece of kit is my new set of noise reducing earphones, which are doing a stonking job of drowning out the noise that is coming from the child on the seat opposite mine.

I am on the bus this morning because we're off to Taunton this afternoon and mum is fetching me from the office. We play Gloucestershire this evening. After Wednesday's performance, I am less than confident of a Somerset victory...

So, that's why I'm on the bus this morning. And the reason I'm on the bus at 9.21am instead of at work is that I had an appointment at the doc's this morning, to get my ears syringed. Nice... Still, it's done now, and I can hear properly again - huzzah!!

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Ah, crap

Jun. 11th, 2010 09:34 pm
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Darren off of next door has got England flags stuck to his van.

There goes the neighbourhood...

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Can I just say, I love Murali Kartik!  Even if his necklace does make me cringe.  We're doing pretty well in the Championship now, after a very dodgy start.  Let's hope it continues!  And let's hope we can put last week's T20 result behind us and get a win on Friday and again next Saturday!!

It's been a good day for cricket, actually.  England beat Bangladesh by a ludicrously big margin earlier on, after dismissing the entire team in just one session.  Good stuff!

Actually, it's been a good day for sport because Rafael Nadal and his sexy arms won the French Open.  Huzzah!!!

What else...?  Oh, my new iPod rocks.  I have bunged a load of episodes of Modern Family on it, together with some new playlists, and I was enjoying listening to it while I was cooking dinner (tuna quiche), but I don't think the neighbours were too appreciative when mum and I started singing along to Miley Cyrus!  Also, what's with her speaking voice?  She sounds like one of Marge Simpons's sisters!

Anyway, dinner's just about done so I'm going to go and dish that up and then spend the evening catching up with some Sky+ stuff, and maybe doing a bit of writing because I didn't do very much earlier on due to iPod excitement!
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I have a new iPod.  It's an iPod Classic and it's 160GB with 36 hours worth of battery life if you're listening to music.  It was £175 but I also got a £25 iTunes voucher and 2,000 Tesco Clubcard points.  Huzzah!!!

In other news, I have been to the hell that is Tesco on a Sunday morning and have stocked up with healthy food.  I MUST get back on the Slimming World plan before I go away to Mallorca in LESS THAN FIVE WEEKS' TIME, otherwise I will not fit into any of my clothes and I will make such a splash when I jump into the pool that all the water will come out.  Neither of these would be good things.

Also, Warwickshire need 312 to beat Somerset.  Which means it's squeaky bum time in our house!

Right, I'm now going to do some writing whilst waiting to see whether they get any play at Old Trafford today...
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This has tickled me this morning. Not the story so much, but the photo that the Herald has chosen to go with it. Pure class!
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It's happened again.

I'm currently reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult, and the phrase "the elephant in the room" has come up. So I've now gone from having not heard it in a long, long time to having read it in four novels I've read recently as well as hearing it on two television shows.

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Everyone makes mistakes, don't they. Even those who think they're completely perfect in all ways, make the odd error of judgement. I think there's even a phrase about it - "to err is human" or something like that.

But... Most people learn from their mistakes, and tend not to make the exact same one twice.

Not so Yorkshire CCC.

Let's do one of those wavy things for a minute that indicates passage of time...

Okay, so... Picture the scene - it's Friday, 3rd July 2009. Somerset and Yorkshire are playing the final day of their County Championship game at Taunton, the weather isn't too clever and there isn't a huge amount of time left in the day. It seems that the only result will be a draw. Yorkshire are in their second innings, and they decide to declare on 363-5, thus setting Somerset a seemingly unachievable target of 476 to win the game. No-one thought Somerset stood a chance of chasing that down, but chase it down they did, and pulled off a stunning victory that made me laugh and bounce and cheer a lot.

Now, fast forward to today. It's day four of the Championship game between Somerset and Yorkshire at Taunton, and Yorkshire are batting in their second innings and are on 333-4 when they decided they'd scored enough runs to make the game safe and decided to declare just before lunch. I'm assuming that they thought they might manage to take a few quick wickets and snatch the victory, but Somerset had other ideas and thanks to half centuries from Marcus and Nick Compton plus 93 from Mr de Bruyn and a 70 ball 102 not out from Hildy, Somerset pulled off another victory, this time by 6 wickets!! Oh, and special mention must go to Jos Buttler for his 31 off 17 balls. That lad is a star!

So after me deciding this morning that the game was definitely going to be a draw, I'm really rather chuffed to see that Yorkshire have managed to throw it away for the second season in succession. That's a pretty stonking way to get the first win of the season, I reckon!

Something else that's making me smile this evening is the promise of fish and chips for dinner. I texted mum this afternoon with the words "fish and chips...?" and she replied and said no, she'd put something in the crock pot this morning (she's been up at Auntie Elsie's today), but we could have fish and chips tomorrow instead. And then she texted again a while later to say she'd managed to flick off the power switch which controls the socket into which the crock pot was plugged, and so dinner hadn't even begun cooking. So we're having fish and chips tonight instead of tomorrow. Huzzah!!!
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Hurrah for Friday!!!

But boo for the rain!!!

However, the forecast for tomorrow in Taunton promises sunny intervals and a balmy 16 degrees so it's not all bad news. Of course, that's if they've got it right this time...

England are in the T20 World Cup final! How awesome is that? We'll find out later on today whether it's Australia or Pakistan in the final. Exciting stuff, though!

Also exciting is the fact that Jos Buttler scored 144 in the game against Hampshire. He's looking a more than able replacement for Craig while he's away with England!

Volcano permitting, I'm going on holiday in eight weeks' time. So I've decided that I have to get back on the Slimming World plan from Monday. My clothes are all getting tight again now and I'm damned if I'm buying bigger ones, so I have to get back on it and I havae to stick with it. My aim will be to lose a stone and a half in the time between now and the holiday, and I know that if I stick to it and get a nice lot of exercise I can do that. *nods firmly*

Angry Birds continues to be both wonderfully addictive and hideously annoying. And I keep getting the music stuck in my head. I've been going around singing it. I think I have officially now lost the plot. If indeed I ever had the plot in the first place...

Anyway, that's me. Time to get some work done now, I think! Have a good Friday, everyone!

No. Way.

May. 3rd, 2010 08:51 pm
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Remember yesterday, when I made this post?

Well, it's happened again.

I found and downloaded some episodes of Modern Family on iTunes (btw if you have not seen this yet then you absolutely must because it's genius), and Phil Dunphy has just said "I think we should address the elephant in the room".

This is just getting plain stupid now...


May. 3rd, 2010 09:24 am
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So, my back appears to be all healed.  Huzzah!

But now my ankle has gone wonky.  Boo!

I don't know what I've done to it - it started hurting midway through yesterday morning and it hurts if I try to walk in my normal way, so today I'm going to be doing a rather funny walk...
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I bought one of those microwaveable burgers earlier, to have for dinner tonight.  Unfortunately, when I was attempting to "lightly" toast the bun, I got a bit sidetracked by something else and so the bun wasn't so much lightly toasted as jet black with flames coming off the top of it.  Whoops!

I have now ordered pizza. 

Not too gutted really!
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I was watching something on telly about a week ago and someone on the show mentioned the phrase 'the elephant in the room'. I hadn't heard it in ages and so imagine my surprise when the following day, whilst reading The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, I discovered that that was the title of one of the chapters. Then imagine my further surprise when the phrase also cropped up in the next book I read, The Neighbour by Lisa Gardner. And now, in this Harlan Coben book, it's come up again! How spooky is that?

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Today, I am mostly planning on doing very little.

I have just had my breakfast and am now going to make the most of a respite from the rain to take Teh Dogge for his morning walk.

Then I'm going to come back, have a cuppa and finish reading Caught by Harlan Coben, which I failed to do yesterday.

And then this afternoon I'm going to watch the cricket and do some writing (having got around 100,000 words into a fic I've now decided it might work better in the first person...), and then this evening will be more cricket and possibly some wineage.

Good times!
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I've had a lovely weekend!

Yesterday, I had a really nice lie-in whilst watching the cricket and doing some writing, and then I went into town where we had lunch at Positano, and then I went over to The Hair Priory and got my hair cut and coloured.  I'm glad Kate's moved there - they offer you wine and proper fancy coffees, none of the muck mixed with Coffeemate that you used to get at Vaughan's!  Apparently, he'd said to them all that he was putting the prices up by £1 but wanted to keep that extra £1 (on top of the 60% of the takings he was already taking), and was planning on putting them up by another £1 in April and doing the same thing.  When Kate asked during the staff meeting he'd called to tell them all this what he would do if they all said no, he said, "Well, you can all fuck off."  Lovely.  So she took him at his word and switched salons, and it's so much nicer there, even if they don't have vibrating chairs by the basins.  And it was a tenner cheaper!  Good stuff!  So I saved myself £10 there and I also saved myself money by resisting the temptation to buy the new books by Linwood Barclay and Dorothy Koomson.  Hopefully they'll be out in paperback before I go to Mallorca in SIXTEEN WEEKS' TIME.  Yesterday evening was spent in front of the telly with some lovely food, a couple of bottles of Italian lager off of Marksies, and then some Petit Chablis, whilst watching old episodes of UK Border Force (I am addicted to this, btw).

Today, I had another nice lie-in and then got up and watched the end of play from Bangladesh before walking Teh Dogge.  I then spent the rest of the day writing (I did over 5,000 words today) and watching the IPL, the second game of which ended up in a super over, which was really good fun.  I don't actually know the names of the teams because I'm rubbish like that, but I wanted the yellow team with Mattie Hayden and his mongoose to win, but the red team in the Arsenal type shirts won, which was a shame.  It was an awesome match, though.

I had planned on cooking chicken wrapped in parma ham and stuffed with Quark and parsley for dinner, but I got as far as getting the ingredients out and lighting the oven before deciding I simply could not be arsed, and ordering in a pizza instead.  Total diet fail.  Dominoes appear to be right on form, though.  The order was only placed 15 minutes ago, and already it's on the road.  Stonking!

Right, I must go and put my clean bedding on before the pizza arrives.  I'll never manage it once I've had a beer - it's tricky enough at the best of times!


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