Jun. 6th, 2010

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I have a new iPod.  It's an iPod Classic and it's 160GB with 36 hours worth of battery life if you're listening to music.  It was £175 but I also got a £25 iTunes voucher and 2,000 Tesco Clubcard points.  Huzzah!!!

In other news, I have been to the hell that is Tesco on a Sunday morning and have stocked up with healthy food.  I MUST get back on the Slimming World plan before I go away to Mallorca in LESS THAN FIVE WEEKS' TIME, otherwise I will not fit into any of my clothes and I will make such a splash when I jump into the pool that all the water will come out.  Neither of these would be good things.

Also, Warwickshire need 312 to beat Somerset.  Which means it's squeaky bum time in our house!

Right, I'm now going to do some writing whilst waiting to see whether they get any play at Old Trafford today...
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Can I just say, I love Murali Kartik!  Even if his necklace does make me cringe.  We're doing pretty well in the Championship now, after a very dodgy start.  Let's hope it continues!  And let's hope we can put last week's T20 result behind us and get a win on Friday and again next Saturday!!

It's been a good day for cricket, actually.  England beat Bangladesh by a ludicrously big margin earlier on, after dismissing the entire team in just one session.  Good stuff!

Actually, it's been a good day for sport because Rafael Nadal and his sexy arms won the French Open.  Huzzah!!!

What else...?  Oh, my new iPod rocks.  I have bunged a load of episodes of Modern Family on it, together with some new playlists, and I was enjoying listening to it while I was cooking dinner (tuna quiche), but I don't think the neighbours were too appreciative when mum and I started singing along to Miley Cyrus!  Also, what's with her speaking voice?  She sounds like one of Marge Simpons's sisters!

Anyway, dinner's just about done so I'm going to go and dish that up and then spend the evening catching up with some Sky+ stuff, and maybe doing a bit of writing because I didn't do very much earlier on due to iPod excitement!
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Oh, well this is a disappointment.

I had a night of watching Alaska State Troopers on Sky+, but it turns out that we've already seen all the episodes. Arse.

Coach Trip instead, methinks! *loves*
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  • 15:59 Fantastic win for England! Now, lert's hope the rain stops in Birmingham so that Somerset can do likewise!! (sorry Rachel and co!!) #
  • 18:24 RAHHHH!!! #
  • 18:44 Oh, I do wish the media would just leave the people of Cumbria in peace now. #
  • 19:36 I have requested an application form for the next series of Coach Trip. It just had to be done... #
  • 20:41 Am watching Coach Trip. Pasquale is EVIL! #
  • 21:37 Seriously, how can calling someone a racist ever be a funny joke? *confused* #coachtrip #
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