May. 2nd, 2010

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Today, I am mostly planning on doing very little.

I have just had my breakfast and am now going to make the most of a respite from the rain to take Teh Dogge for his morning walk.

Then I'm going to come back, have a cuppa and finish reading Caught by Harlan Coben, which I failed to do yesterday.

And then this afternoon I'm going to watch the cricket and do some writing (having got around 100,000 words into a fic I've now decided it might work better in the first person...), and then this evening will be more cricket and possibly some wineage.

Good times!
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I was watching something on telly about a week ago and someone on the show mentioned the phrase 'the elephant in the room'. I hadn't heard it in ages and so imagine my surprise when the following day, whilst reading The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, I discovered that that was the title of one of the chapters. Then imagine my further surprise when the phrase also cropped up in the next book I read, The Neighbour by Lisa Gardner. And now, in this Harlan Coben book, it's come up again! How spooky is that?

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I bought one of those microwaveable burgers earlier, to have for dinner tonight.  Unfortunately, when I was attempting to "lightly" toast the bun, I got a bit sidetracked by something else and so the bun wasn't so much lightly toasted as jet black with flames coming off the top of it.  Whoops!

I have now ordered pizza. 

Not too gutted really!
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  • 09:08 I'm thinking it's time to get up and at it. Whatever "it" may be... #
  • 14:31 Why do I have to wait until September for Modern Family on DVD? Why, why??? #
  • 14:57 Never mind that Higgins bloke being done for match fixing, someone wants to have a word with Mr Gerrard! #
  • 15:05 Why is it that the minute the sun starts shining, someone somewhere starts drilling or hammering? STFU people! #
  • 15:22 The view from here... #
  • 15:59 What a gem of an innings this is from Suresh Raina. Absolutely sublime! #
  • 17:17 I can't see the Saffas doing this somehow! #
  • 17:23 Nathan Hauritz is looking a quite startling shade of orange! #
  • 17:41 Oh, I've just realised that's Stuart Pearce delivering the telly in this Sony advert! #
  • 18:44 I just nearly set my kitchen on fire! Whoops! #
  • 20:17 Ahhhh Pinot Grigio Blush, how I love thee.... #
  • 20:34 And there was me thinking Pakistan would give Australia a bit of a test... *sighs* #
  • 21:22 This is a disappointing display from Pakistan. I'd hoped they'd run the Aussies close. Tsk. #
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