Feb. 23rd, 2010 08:49 pm
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Have women always done the bobsleigh, or is this new?
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We're just watching the men's downhill, but we're on delay so no spoilers please.  I'm trying to work out how the BBC are showing some of it live and not other bits.  Most bizarre.

Anyway, I'm glad it's finally on.  And in honour of it, I have bought boozes - my very own version of apres-ski...
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We're just watching the mogul thing. It hurts my knees just to look at it! I haven't seen anything else yet today, though. Does anyone know when the men's downhill is now due to take place? I'm really hoping I'll be able to watch that one!

I see Vernon Kay's been a naughty boy. Tut, tut, tut...

Young Mr Kieswetter continues to impress for the England Lions - he was 40 not out today (the top score) and made a couple of stumpings. It's going to be really interesting to see how he does if he's selected for the game against England during the week!

I meant to mention this yesterday but Kate and the family went up to Stamford Bridge yesterday to watch Chelsea -v- Cardiff. And for some reason she was shocked by all the crowd violence and aggro that went on afterwards. It's Chelsea -v- Cardiff - surely anyone could have seen that that was a recipe for fisticuffs? I think it scared her a little because they had the girls with them but still nearly got caught up in a fight. I honestly don't know why she takes the kids there, you know...

I'm looking forward to watching Dancing on Ice this evening. And I'm hoping the Delectable Daniel doesn't make another error because that was far too scary last week!

There appears to be a film out that I may want to go and see. Actually, two! One is the film which [ profile] me_unabridged saw yesterday and which made her cry, and the other is the film of Shutter Island. I read the novel that it's based on a few years ago and really loved it, so I'm actually quite keen to go and see it in the cinema. *faints*

I haven't done much today. I finished the book I was reading (Divine Evil by Nora Roberts - good, but I wish she'd change her basic story format occasionally) and am now waiting to start The Spire by Richard North Patterson, which I picked up at the library yesterday. I'm the first person to borrow it. I love that! [/geek]

And that's my news, I think. Oh, except to say this (once again)... Valentine, Schmalentine...
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I appear to have turned into something of a plane spotter. Dexter had to go back to the vet this afternoon (more of that later) and as I was driving home, I noticed that the landing lights were on. There's a little industrial estate near to the airport's permiter fence (this may come as a shock to you, but it's called the Airport Business Park) and so I decided to park in there and take Dexter for a little walk around and see if there were any planes on their way in. There's a little track that runs along by the perimeter fence, and I walked along there while I was waiting. I soon spotted one on his way in, and I was standing virtually right at the end of the runway as he came in. It was excellent - he was only just a tiny bit higher than the tops of the trees! Anyway, that was pretty good and then as I got back to the car, I spotted lights in the sky not too far away - another plane on its way in! This time, I stood right next to the landing lights, and he went right over my head! Obviously he was losing height as he came in towards the airport, and for a few seconds it was like he was aiming right for me! I loved it!

So yes, that's me. Plane spotter.

Now, as I mentioned before, poor Dexter was back at the vet again today. When we went in the week we got given some hibiscrub to put on his sorely balls and he also had some painkillers and some antibiotics. The painkillers ran out this morning and we gave up on the hibiscrub because it seemed to make them worse, not better, but he's still not right with them and so I wanted some more painkillers. Only they wouldn't give them out without a second consultatio, so back we went. I've now got some steroid gel to put on them as well. Hopefully he won't have an adverse reaction to that.

The Winter Limpix have started. I was going to watch the men's downhill this evening but it's been put back a few days due to the weather. Damn and blast! Some poor bloke got killed doing the luge yesterday. Eurosport in their "wisdom" decided to show unedited footage of it, without giving out any warning that they were about to do so. It was just horrific. We're watching a bit of ski jumping now. They all seem to have dodgy hair, for some reason. There's a whole lot of mullets going on.


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