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Level 15 of Angry Birds is doing my head in. I can get the outer towers to fall down and I've been able to squish the pigs on the right and the left, but I can't get to that big bugger in the middle and it's so incredibly annoying!

Also incredibly annoying was the cricket last night. England posted a stonking total but due to some poor bowling in the first two overs, a lot of rain and those bastards Duckworth and Lewis, the West Indies actually won by eight wickets. Just ridiculous. Hopefully we'll beat Ireland fair and square tonight and go through anyway. But even so... Tsk.

In other news, I'm going back to work tomorrow - huzzah!

And I'm going to endeavour to be productive and spend this morning writing. Re-doing this fic is a mammoth project and I need to get cracking!
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Dexter bought me Just Dance for the Wii for Mother's Day. I wonder how he knew I wanted it...

My plans for today are to continue enjoying the lie-in I'm having at the moment whilst watching some more of the cricket (which isn't all that exciting tbh because it's so one-sided), and then to get up, have some breakfast, nip to the supermarket and then come back and do a shedload of writing. I have the next few bits sorted in my head, so it's just a case of getting typing really.

We went to Fishbone last night and although we had a good meal, the service was appalling. We had our meals and then they cleared the plates away and just left us! We were sat there for half an hour, waiting to see if they were going to offer us a dessert, before deciding that actually, we'd just have some chocolate at home instead. Not surprisingly, we didn't leave a tip. Not even a single penny.

I have to get back onto the Slimming World plan from tomorrow. I've been dreadful lately, eating crap and drinking too many boozes, and as I'll be sat by the pool in Cala d'Or in just SEVENTEEN WEEKS' time, I really need to get myself sorted. So if anyone sees me posting on here, FB or Twitter about having crisps, chocolate or wine, please tell me off in the strongest possible terms. (This does not include tonight, btw. I'm starting tomorrow.)
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I nearly went arse over tit when walking Teh Dogge this evening, because the residual water from the rain/sleet/snow/hail that we've had today has now frozen solid on the pavements, leaving black ice everywhere. We'd been heading to the park but when my legs went from under me and I almost fell right down I decided against walking down the steep hill and we just went around the block instead. I am not looking forward to getting in the car and driving just after 6.00am tomorrow, that's for sure!

I haven't done a lot else today, apart from walking Dexter and doing my shopping. It's been another good old lazy Sunday.

I have however done some writing. I was set a target of 2,500 words for today and I'm currently on 2,392 so I'm going to do a bit more now before the Dancing on Ice skate off starts.

Oh, but before I go I must just say this - how shite is this Wild at Heart programme?

Day 5 of 30

Dec. 5th, 2009 06:50 pm
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Today I have to share with you my favourite quote.

My favourite quote is a play on the "serenity" one, and it goes like this:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I cannot accept
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of all the people I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

I don't really have any bodies to hide today, as no-one has pissed me off. The only thing which did piss me off was the Sellotape when I was wrapping some Christmas presents, because it wouldn't come off the roll straight and it kept getting caught on itself and rendering itself useless. I haven't yet wrapped everything. I have a couple more things I'll probably get for people and I also have something for someone which needs to be sent off but which couldn't be wrapped today because I ran out of gift tags. So I'll do that tomorrow and will then do the other stuff as and when I get it.

In other news, I have booked a table at the Positano for Christmas Eve. Huzzah! I'm trying decide now where to go when we're in London because a) Topo Gigio isn't Topo Gigio any more, and b) we're having Italian on Christmas Eve and I think I'm also having it in Manchester next weekend, so I don't want to get all pasta'd out. If anyone has any suggestions for good places to eat in central London, feel free to share them!

This evening, I am cooking chicken stuffed with cheese and parsley and wrapped in parma ham, and am going to enjoy that (hopefully), followed by some rhubarb crumble and clotted cream. I also have San Miguel and then some rosé for later on. Bliss.

Tomorrow, I will be putting up all of the decorations and decorating Tree 543-892, doing the food shopping and then doing some writing. I was set a target last night of 5,000 words over the weekend and I've done around 2,200 so far today, so I should hopefully hit my target.
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The other day, we were watching something on telly and it had some background music going on. At one point, they used a snippet of Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan, and Dexter started barking and grumbling, causing us to wonder whether he didn't like what he was hearing.

I'd forgotten all about it to be honest, but I'm now listening to an album which has got the track on it, and he was fast asleep until it started, but then began barking away almost as soon as it started.

It doesn't have quite the same effect on him as Toxic, and there wasn't any actual howling (which was a shame), but he definitely doesn't like it for some reason.

He's a weird creature, is my dog!

Anyway, must crack on. My fic is starting to take shape nicely and I'm about to write some actual porn. Huzzah!


Nov. 28th, 2009 04:27 pm
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Wow, Barnsley are going to be pretty pissed off right about now. 4-1 up they were at Home Park, and the game's just been abandoned due to a waterlogged pitch! Unbelievable, Geoff!

The weather is pretty shocking, to be fair. It started raining at around 2.00pm and has been bucketing it down ever since. We've even had thunder and lightning! According to the weather forecast, we were meant to have 'showers' today. Well, this is one big shower, I tell you. I'm just waiting for mum to ring from the Park & Ride now, so that I can go and fetch her. She'll be soaked to the skin if she tries walking back from there!

Mum's off to Swansea tomorrow, for a few days, so we're marking her last night in Plymouth by having naughty food, aka chicken Kiev with cauliflower cheese and cheesey mash. Also, wine will be involved. *nods*

First though, I'm going to continue with the fic I've been working on all week, which is coming along quite nicely, even if I do say so myself!


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