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Here's a meme, because it's an excuse to put off getting up for a bit longer... )

Right, that used up a bit of time.  And now I really have to get up...
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Gacked from [ profile] rolypolypony

If you're on my friends list, I want to know 35 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine. Comment here with your answers and repost the questionnaire on your own journal.

Here be questions! )
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Today's photo is of the view from my spot on the sofa, which is somewhere I'm not planning on moving from for the next few hours (apart from going to the kitchen for the odd drink or two or three).

And I should have done this either yesterday or the day before, but I'm onto day 30 of the 30 things in 30 days meme, which is another "whatever tickles your fancy" thing. Today, for no raeson other than that it popped into my head, I'm going to talk about the time I thought I saw a ghost.

Mum and I used to keep horses - she had a chestnut mare called Spice and at the time this happened I had a bay coloured mare called Minstrel on winter loan from a local riding stables. I didn't drive back then and so there were times when I was alone up at the stables doing all the mucking out and/or settling in for the night and then someone would come and collect me. The stable block was a large building with rows of stables on either side of a central corridor and two tack rooms on either side at the far end, which doors that opened inwards onto the corridor. On this particular night, I was up there alone, waiting for my lift. It was a cold night some time in winter, and it was all dark and horrible outside so I decided to wait inside the stable block for my lift. I was stood down near to the bottom end of the block, by Spice's stable, when I glanced up towards where the tack room doors were open and saw what I can only describe as a grey, misty shape go floating across from one side of the building to the other. "Oh shit, I've just seen a ghost" were my first thoughts, closely followed by "I hope my lift arrives really soon!". I managed to not be too scared though because none of the horses appeared to be agitated and so I thought that if they were okay with the spirit's presence then it must be a nice spirit and not a nasty ass one. I was just getting all chilled about it and actually quite excited that I'd finally managed to see a real live ghost, when General, one of the other horses who lived there at the time, exhaled and I watched his breath vapour float from one side of the building to the other... I was quite disappointed, to be honest. And I still never have seen a ghost!
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A few of us are doing this, I think. I'm going to attempt to post a picture a day every day for the next twelve months. Obviously sometimes that will prove impossible if I'm away for example, but I will try to do catch up posts when I get back so hopefully by the end of 2010 you'll have seen 365 of my photos.

Anyway, without further ado here's today's photo, which I took of the pheasant we ate for lunch, just before he went in the oven...

And... Day 29 of the 30 days meme.

My hopes, dreams and plans for the next twelve months...

My hope is that I, my family and friends all have a happy and healthy year.

Dreams for the year... Well, I always dream for my Somerset boys to have a good season and this year I'm hoping for a bit of silverware... *crosses fingers*

As for plans - I have a few! I'm planning on joining a new gym tomorrow and then I'm going to be exercising five times a week. I'm also planning on getting back into Slimming World properly and I want to lose four stone over the next twelve months, starting from Monday. I am also planning on doing a lot more writing this year, and am aiming for a minimum of 5,000 words per week. Other plans I have include a holiday to Italy at Easter, another holiday to Mallorca in July and hopefully a trip to America in October, but nothing's booked there yet. And of course there will be the usual cricketty days out, as well as visits to London, Seaham and Manchester. BRING IT ON!
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I forgot to do this yesterday, so you're getting two on one day again. You lucky people...

Day 27 - This month, in great detail

This is really hard because my memory is shocking! And besides, I've already posted about everything I've done over the month and surely you don't want to have to read it again? Basically though, my month has consisted mostly of going to work, sliding around on ice in a Torville and Dean stylee, interspersed with a cracking weekend in Manchester, my birthday, another great weekend, this time in Londinium, and Christmas. Not exactly great deal really, but there you go. Soz.

Day 28 - This year, in great detail

Now look, I struggle to remember what I did five minutes ago, let alone everything I've done over a whole year! So instead of searching the innermost depths of my brain, I'm going to cheat a bit and do that year in review thing plus the traditional end of year meme. And I'm going to be kind and put them under a cut )
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My week in great detail...

Wednesday 23rd December
This was my last day at work before the Christmas break, and I worked hard all day long until 4.30pm when it was time to go home. I then caught the bus back to Milehouse and drove the rest of the way, and then spent the evening doing the Christmas food shopping, cooking dinner and finally chilling out with a glass of wine or two. Or three.

Thursday 24th December
Christmas Eve! I woke to find ice everywhere, and had to put table salt on the pavement outside our house in order to be able to get to my car. I needed to get to my car because I had to go to M&S to fetch turkey lurkey. After getting him I nipped to Tesco for a few bits and bobs and then came home and set to tidying my room, which desperately needed doing. Thankfully that didn't take too long and then I walked Dexter before reading for a while, dozing and then getting ready to go out. In the evening we went to the Positano in town, and I ate some scallops in a wine and cream sauce, followed by sea bream in a wine and herb sauce. It was blooming handsome!

Friday 25th December
Christmas Day! I got up at around half 8 and had a champagne breakfast before putting the turkey in and then opening presents. Then I had a read of one of the books I'd got while finishing the cooking, and after that it was time for Christmas lunch. When we'd finished eating we went for a brief walk down in Widewell Woods and then in the evening I cooked up a load of party food and we ate that and drank loads more boozes while watching telly.

Saturday 26th December
I had a hangover when I woke in the morning! I stayed in bed for a long time, watching the test match on the telly, and then slowly got myself up and walked Dexter before having a turkey sarnie, at which point I started feeling a bit brighter. Phew! Argyle won 1-0 at Cardiff, which was a shock, to say the least. Erm, what else...? Well, I watched telly again and drank more boozes and then cooked a rather delicious joint of roast beef in the evening.

Sunday 27th December
Do you know, apart from watching the cricket, I can't actually remember much of what I did on this day! That's appalling - it was only the day before yesterday! I know I'll have watched some cricket, and I will have walked Dexter, but that's all I can recall because I clearly had a very quiet day!

Monday 28th December
Okay, this was yesterday and I can just about remember it! I watched yet more of the cricket and particularly enjoyed seeing Alastair Cook get a century. I also walked Dexter twice and went to Tesco to get a ding for dinner and another ding for today's lunch. And I watched the Soccer "Saturday" thing and was astounded that Argyle won 4-1 at home. Mum was there and she was astounded as well! Then in the evening I cooked the ding and watched some telly while drinking a rather nice rosé.

Tuesday 29th December
Today! I was back to work but we didn't start until 10.00am so I still got a decent lie-in. I'd hoped to watch Ian Bell get a century but when he was on 96 and Prior got out I realised I couldn't hang around any longer. So sadly I missed it, but we were all keeping each other abreast of the situation in the office so we knew that things were going swimmingly. Work was fine - there were lots of jobs on the system and so it was nice and busy and went by very quickly. I'd parked at Active8 and so I was home just after 4.30pm, having nipped into Somerfield to get a couple of bits and bobs. Since getting home I've been vegged out on the sofa and I'm currently cooking tonight's dinner (well, I'm about to stick it in the oven) and watching the Top Songs of The Noughties, which is very entertaining.
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My day, in great detail.

This won't take long...

I didn't wake up until gone 8.30am after quite a disturbed night, and then I lounged in bed watching the SA -v- England test match from Durban until the lunch break (that's 10.00am our time so not quite as bad as it sounds). Then I got up and took Dexter for a walk over to the Millennium Park. After getting back from walking him, I watched some more of the cricket, and then nipped up to Tesco to get something for tonight's dinner. I decided upon chicken cordon bleu, cauliflower cheese and mash, and I also got a chicken and bacon pasta thing for tomorrow's lunch, and some wine for this evening. Then I came back home and watched the rest of the day's play from Durban before flicking over to Soccer Saturday. I then watched yet more telly, including a couple of old episodes of Friends and some Welsh thing that mum had Sky+d, and I also cooked dinner, which I've just eaten. I'm now looking forward to an evening of vegging out and just catching up on some more stuff on Sky+ before getting an early night, as I'm back to work tomorrow morning.
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Earlier, I posted to say that I wasn't sure what was tickling my fancy and asked someone to come up with a topic for me to write about.

[ profile] puggy kindly answered my plea for inspiration and suggested that I write about "things unknown". So here we go...

First off... The universe. Now, we all know that the universe is pretty vast, but what happens at the end of it? Because it can't go on forever, surely? It has to end somewhere, doesn't it. But what's there? What would we find if we could ever travel that far? It makes my brain ache just thinking about it!

Also... Things. Why are things called what they're called? Some of them almost make sense - like, for example, an orange. Well, that's clearly called an orange because of the colour of it, but here's the thing... Who was the person that decided that that particular shade would be known as "orange"? And why did they pick that word? And here's a question - if you came across something for the very first time - whether that be a new colour, a species or even an invention - what would you call it, and why?

And finally... What happens to us when we die? This is something that's been on my mind a lot lately, not for any morbid reason but because of something I'm writing. But I just don't know. I'm not religious so I don't believe in pre-conceived ideas of heaven and hell, but equally I don't believe (or, more to the point, I don't want to believe) that there's just nothing awaiting us when we die. I quite like the idea of reincarnation, but I also like the idea that you get to spend eternity with the people you cared most about in this life. I think if I could choose, I'd go for being reincarnated but still being able to hang out with my loved ones (and pets) from this life. But of course I won't find out until the time comes - hopefully a long way into the future...
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A YouTube video...

I'm sure I've posted this video before, but it still makes me giggle. We're still not sure why Dexter reacts to Toxic in this way, it's most odd. The only other song that upsets him is Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan, but his reaction to that one isn't anything like as extreme as this!
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A website...

This is an awesome website. I can't remember how I first happened upon it, but it's one of my 'must visit each day' sites, and it makes me laugh out loud almost every day.

In other news, it is now Christmas Eve (in case that had escaped anyone's notice). I've had a busy old day, as well. I had a bit of a lie-in this morning whilst tsking at the news that Chappers is leaving Scott Mills' show (oh, and the PR4L read out the text I sent in yesterday about it being Christmas Eve Eve and how that's even more cool when you know someone called Eve because then you can say "It's Christmas Eve Eve, Eve!"), and then I had to head off to Marksies to collect this year's turkey. On my first attempt at leaving the house, I got to the top of the path and realised that although the roads were ice-free, the pavements were still covered in a thick layer of the stuff, and a hesitant toe poke down on the surface sent my foot skidding sideways and I decided that attempting to walk to my car would not be A Good Idea. What was A Good Idea, though, was table salt. I picked my way carefully back down the path and got the tub of salt from the kitchen cupboard, and then went back up and sprinkled a trail of it from the top of our path to the grass verge, thus enabling me to get out onto the road and to my car. Genius! Salt melts ice. Who'd have thunk it? Not the local Council, it seems - not a single one of the pavements had been gritted and people were going everywhere. I kept expecting to see Torvill and Dean going by... Oh, and yesterday was just as bad. Apparently Russ off of Facilities was on his hands and knees sliding down his road because it was the only way to get to the bottom without falling down, and Laraine got stranded on her way up Royal Parade because all around her was sheet ice and she couldn't go anywhere. Nightmare!

Anyway, I'm digressing. Turkey lurkey. So yes, I got to M&S and found a space straight away. They didn't have any cauliflower cheese but a very helpful member of staff told me how to make it (apparently you heat up some milk, thicken it with flour and then add cheese), but I decided to take my chances at Tesco and see whether they had any. I had to queue a while to get my turkey and I was a bit anxious because there was this couple stood off to the side who were moaning because they'd ordered their turkey and it hadn't got there for some reason. So I wasn't sure whether they'd have mine! The lady in front of me didn't get hers (it seems it was the free range whole ones which were causing problems) but they were offering her an alternative as I got mine. And the dear lady behind, when I confessed to being relieved to have my turkey) said that she had a freezer full of things like turkeys, geese and ducks (I don't know whether she lives in a cash and carry or something) and she'd have been prepared to let me have one of those if needs be, because she doesn't like seeing people go without. How sweet?

But I got my turkey and so that was all good, and then I nipped up to Tesco and managed to get some actual cauliflower cheese (no carrot batons though so I've had to buy proper carrots!), and I also got mum's Just Brazils, which are her Christmas present from Teh Dogge, a couple more bottles of wine, a French stick and some more San Miguel. I did forget to get myself some port and I'd planned on getting my next lot of contact lenses but also forgot them, but that's okay because I don't really need either just yet.

When I got home it was still too icy to walk Dexter anywhere, and so I set to work on tidying my room. It took a while, but it's done now and it looks so much better. I want to have a proper tidy out at some point and wash down the inside of the windows and all the surfaces as well, but I couldn't be arsed to do it all today. I then had a spot of lunch (duck and orange pate on toast - delicious) and then Dexter finally got his walk. I was glad I'd left it a long time because even by mid-afternoon there was still so much ice around. The path which leads down to the park had a huge patch of black ice in the middle which caught Dexter out when he tried running across it, and his legs almost went out from under him! I stuck to the edge of the path and held onto the railing, and then when I got to the bottom I walked on the grass and just hung around while Dexter took himself around the park.

After coming back home I had a slice of coffee and walnut cake which mum had kindly bought at Lifton yesterday when she met up with Auntie Elsie, Tony and Ellen, and then read for about five minutes before dozing off in the conservatory.

And now I'm back indoors, and am going to have a mug of tea and do some more reading before getting ready to go out for our Christmas Eve meal. This year, we're off to The Positano - I can't wait!

And that's my Christmas Eve so far!
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A recipe:

Eastern Salmon

(Serves 2)

2 x boneless salmon fillets
3 x dessert spoons of soy sauce
1 x teaspoon clear honey
1 x teaspoon Chinese Five Spice

Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6/200C

Mix together the soy sauce, the honey and the Chinese Five Spice. Add the salmon fillets, rolling them in the sauce until they're completely coated. then place the salmon fillets skin side down on a baking tin and coat with the sauce. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until cooked through and serve with potatoes and vegetables.

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A hobby of mine...

One of my favourite hobbies is writing. I have loved creative writing ever since I was at school, and this shows no sign of abating even though I am now (unofficially) 24 years old. I don't write with any hope of being published because I know I'm not that talented, but I like to write for my friends and for myself. I mostly write angst with a hint of fluff, although my current project is bucking that trend and is fluff with a hint of angst. What I love about writing fiction is the escapism. I can be having a pretty cruddy or boring day and then if I sit down to do some writing, I can just lose myself in an alternative world for a while. It's a great way to pass the time, definitely!
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A talent of mine...

I'm not good at blowing my own trumpet but I would list the following as possible talents:

1. I'm not too shabby at cooking.

2. I'm a pretty good driver (I should not have put that, should I - talk about tempting fate...)

3. Some people seem to like some of the stuff I write.

4. I can touch type accurately at rather a quick rate.

And I think that's it.

In other news, Widewell was ludicrously icy this morning but I managed to get to my car and de-ice it ([ profile] me_unabridged - I used the little ice scraper you bought me last year!), and then I got out to the main road without too much drama. I had planned on turning left at the traffic lights as that's a bus route and therefore more likely to have been gritted but a fire engine and some traffic cones had other ideas and had for some reason blocked the road off, so instead of nipping up there, I had to go all the way down to the bottom of Southway and then back up Tamerton Foliot Road before getting onto the A386 at Crownhill. It was -1 according to my car's temperature doobry. MINUS ONE! That's less than zero! Colder than freezing! WTF??? This is Plymouth, it's not supposed to happen here!! *stomps angrily*

Dexter is still at Happy Hounds, but I'm picking him up on the way home from work. Mum and I had planned on doing the Christmas food shopping this evening, but she's had a dodgy stomach since yesterday morning and so I think we're now going to do it on Wednesday instead. I think I'm getting let out from work at 4.30pm so that should give us plenty of time.

I need to update about the trip to Londinium, but I may run out of time if I start it now, so that'll have to wait until I get in from work. Soz.
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I've skipped a couple of days of this as I've been away (more of which later on, when I can be arsed have time), so here's day 18 - which is "Whatever tickles your fancy".

Today, I'm going to talk about something which has been in the news all weekend. Snow. Or more specifically, Plymouth's seemingly constant lack of snow.

We do get it occasionally, don't get me wrong, but the mega snowfall which happened in the spring of this year was a case in point. Everywhere got some. They got it in the south, in the north, in the east and in the west, and they even got it in some places in between. Our firm has offices in Taunton, Exeter, Plymouth and Truro. All offices were on practically a skeleton staff with the exception of Plymouth, as we had no snow at all. Not even so much as a flake. Tsk.

If we're talking about significant snowfalls, rather than the odd flake here and there, I think the last one was back in the 1980s. I remember when I was a very small kid the family had to walk back from my grandparents' in Efford because of a bad snowfall (and my dad fell down while carrying me - thanks, dad!), I then remember two big snowfalls which caused us to be sent home from school, and I remember two more since then - one on a Friday in either 1985 or 1986 which left the city gridlocked when all the factories and the dockyard sent everyone home at the same time, and one a short while after that, which was on a Saturday evening and which resulted in lots of people having to sleep in Fiesta Nightclub. But nothing like that since, for some reason.

They get it on Dartmoor most years - not huge amounts, but enough to keep the kids off school and for them to be filmed sledding for all of the rest of us to watch on Spotlight. But normally when we're hearing about the country grinding to a halt because of snow, we don't have to worry. It's always a bit disappointig really - I like seeing the snow and although it's a pain to get around when it's fallen, there is still something magical. So every time when it happens and we miss out, I feel a bit miffed.

This past weekend I was rather excited because we were going to London and we'd heard that there would be a lot of snow around. And there was - it caused our flight to be cancelled, in fact - so for once, I actually saw some proper now, and it was all pretty and exciting and lovely.

Except that yesterday evening I heard that if I'd stayed in Plymouth, I'd have actually still seen some snow, because it was coming down for about an hour and a half yesterday afternoon! Anne (off of Happy Hounds) said that she went into Marksies and came out to find everything white! It's all gone now, though, but has left behind a legacy of ice and of course the roads have not been gritted so everywhere's gone all slippery and nasty.

It's typical though, isn't it. I spend year after year moaning on about how it never snows in Plymouth and then the one time it does, I'm away and I bloody well miss it!

Anyway, that's what tickled my fancy today. Snow. Or lack thereof.
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A piece of art...

This is a painting that we have in our toilet (I don't know why it ended up there). It's by an artist called Kate Mawdsley and it makes me smile every time I see it. I just love the expression on the bee's face - he's so cute.

In other news, it's my birthday. Many thanks to everyone who left messages on Facebook! And thanks so much to the very lovely Chen for my awesome virtual gift. And for all the real gifts, as well! I love them all, especially soapy!Stig, Gnorman the Gnome and the fishies!

A thousand thanks also to Rachel - I cannot wait to get spending with my book tokens!!!

I had a good day. I was working this morning but finished at 12.00pm and nipped up into town to finish off my Christmas shopping. I got everything I needed, and so now I just have to get something for mum from Dexter and wrap that and Dexter's present and then I'm done - huzzah!

Then Steph came over to do my nails, and after she'd gone I went to the Post Office to send off some stuff which needed sending before coming home.

This evening, we're staying in and having pizza delivered, and then tomorrowe we're off up to London Village early doors. Our flight is meant to leave at 7.50am but I've seen the forecast for London and whilst we may take off okay, it looks as though there's a good chance it'll be nothing more than a pleasure trip and we'll end up coming back to Plymouth! Keep your fingers crossed for us?

And on that note, I'm going to take myself off to the sofa and curl up with a book and crack open a tin of Carling whilst listening to the end of Scott Mills. Huzzah!
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A song which makes me cry.

I'm going to be generous today and give you two for the price of one. Because there are two songs which never fail to make me cry and those songs are You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol and This Woman's Work by Kate Bush. I adore them both and refuse to choose between them.

So that's the meme done for today. What else is going on in the world?

Oh, I should post about the weekend. It was made of awesome.

I got the train early doors from Plymouth on Saturday and got into Manchester on time, which made a lovely change from last time! Our hotel was just up the road from the train station so I met Chen and we walked up to it and left our cases before going to Bella Italia and having a lovely lunch, served to us by Gloria the Waiter.

After lunch, we nipped back to the hotel and got into our room (which was awesome - City Inn is a great hotel!) and then went back out to do some serious shopping. We were on our feet for ages and were both in pains of agony by the time we arrived at a pub, but we had shopped quite well and I did manage to frighten Chen in The Disney Store by grabbing Kermit The Frog and shoving him in front of her face while shouting "ladies and gentlemen, it's The Muppet Show, yayyyyy!". There was also some flirting. We found an H Samuel and I wanted to show Chen the necklace I'm getting for Christmas, so we were looking in the window. This bloke asked me for my opinion on some necklaces and pointed out a few for me to compare. I told him which one I thought was best and I told him that whoever he was buying for would love it, before adding "And if she doesn't, I'll have it!" I have NFI where that came from, honestly! So yes, there was fright-making and flirting, and I think that constitutes a successful trip. We sat down outside the pub (in the cold) and I had a glass of wine, and then we headed off to the cinema.

The fillum we'd decided to see was Paranormal Activity. I'd read mostly good reviews, and they were spot on. It was one of the scariest films I've ever seen - very much in The Blair Witch Project mould and if you enjoyed that, it'd be right up your street. Every time it went to night time, I muttered "oh no", and I was really relieved when it finished. But I thoroughly enjoyed it - if you're looking for a good old scary film, this is for you.

After the fillum had finished we headed to Old Orleans and had a lovely meal and some cocktails in there while looking at the Craig-alike on the next table.

We'd both been shattered earlier on and had revised the original plans we'd had to hit Canal Street, but after sitting down in the cinema and the restaurant we'd got a second wind and we nipped back to the hotel to change before going out. The hotel was just hop, a skip and a jump to Canal Street, so we hopped and we skipped and we jumped and we ended up in Churchills again. It was mega busy but we managed to find somewhere to sit and we dodged the attentions of a very fruity guy who I think may have been called Ahmed (but it was hard to hear over the strains of Lady Gaga) and who would not leave us alone until I actually physically pushed him away and said "enough". After he'd gone, we had fun watching a guy in a black and white dog blanket shirt who was singing into a microphone fashioned from his own fist (don't mock, we've all done it). We also enjoyed perving over the guy dressed in gold hot pants. When Lady Gaga was played for about the 5th time we realised the time was going on for 3.00am and so decided to make a move, and we hopped, skipped and jumped back to the hotel where I crashed out on my bed and Chen put a 'pin the tail on the donkey' game onto the wall for me to wake up to on Sunday morning.

I woke before Chen a few hours later, and how I didn't wake her when I saw what was on the wall, I'll never know, because I was giggling away to myself. Chen woke in time for breakfast to be delivered (additional charge of £3.50 - so cheap!) and then I won at pin the tail on the donkey before opening a couple of presents (an amazing magic mug and a cross-stitch of The County Ground, which must have taken forever and which I just LOVE).

After checking out of the hotel we walked up to Albert Square to have a mooch around the Christmas market. It was good, but it was far too crowded for my liking and the ratio of food stalls to craft stalls was weighted too much in favour of the food stalls really. After a while we gave up on the market and headed back to The Disney Store, where Chen exacted revenge for Kermitgate by pulling the cord on some little thing and then holding it up towards me. I thought it was going to be singing but couldn't hear anything so I leaned closer and then it touched my ear and I realised it was vibrating, which made me jump half out of my skin!

Lunch was taken at the Hard Rock Café, and then sadly it was time to get our bags and say our goodbyes before heading home. My train left on time and despite being delayed getting into Birmingham New Street, I got in on time as well. Dexter was there on the platform to meet me (with mum), and I grabbed a burger on the way home before eventually falling into bed just about the right side of midnight.

It was a stonking weekend - a million thanks to Chen for being so awesome and for being such great company. I cannot wait until we do it again!

So, that was the weekend. What else...?

Argyle have sacked Sturrock. Kind of. He's still there doing something, but Paul Mariner (who has weird glasses) appears to now be in charge of the team. Except it's all going a bit pear shaped to be honest. Two days ago it was reported that Argyle would soon have a 46,000 seater stadium. I thought this was a tad strange because they're lucky if they get 10,000 in these days. Yesterday, it was announced that because Argyle haven't paid their debts, they're now the subject of a transfer embargo. Mariner said he was relaxed about this. However, he also said there were positives to take from the defeat at Preston on Saturday, so he does seem to have a mind which works in odd ways. Anyway, today we've been told that if (and it's a big if) England are successful in their 2018 World Cup bid, Plymouth will be one of the host cities. So it's a bit of a roller coaster ride down here at the minute, football-wise!

The buses appear to have gone tits up. Yesterday, it took me nearly 90 minutes to get home. Today, it took well over an hour. And the bus driver was obviously trying too hard to make up time because he approached the Manadon Flyover far too fast and then had to stand on his brakes to avoid a collision and I almost fell right off my seat. I don't know whether it's connected, but for some reason my left leg is now hurting really badly and I can barely walk. Ouchies.

And finally - tomorrow is my birthday (24 again) and I am working until around 11.45am and then I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping before coming home and getting my nails done - huzzah!

And that's me. Phew, that went on a bit, didn't it!
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Today is day 15 of 30.

And today I have to talk to you about a fanfic. I've been thinking about this on and off today and it took me an age to decide what one I'm going to talk about. In the end, I went for one that I don't think anyone else on my f-list will have heard of, simply because it was the first piece of slash I ever read. It was F1 slash - Michael Schumacher/Mika Hakkinen, and it was written by a girl called Nikki, who I've sadly lost touch with now (not the Nikki from Bridgwater but another Nikki). She'd written it to begin with as a stand alone fic and there were a few of the girls from the F1 forum I used to visit who had already read it and who were talking about it on MSN one evening. I'd never even heard of slash before, and when they told me what they were on about I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to read it because I didn't know if it's be my "bag". Anyway, I gave it some thought and decided to give it a go. And was instantly hooked. We all hassled Nikki a bit and after a while this fic turned into something of a monster, and even had its own soundtrack. And it was inspiring. As I said, I'd never even heard of slash before, but these days, I genuinely struggle with writing anything else!
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I didn't get a chance to do this yesterday, so today you get two for the price of one. You lucky, lucky people.

Day 13 - A Fictional Book
This a tough one but I've decided to look at the books I've read over this year (I'm currently on numbers 43 and 44), and recommend one of those. And the best book I've read this year is Unsticky by Sarra Manning. I bought it for some holiday reading but never got around to reading it in Mallorca and then I kept putting off reading it for ages. But once I started it, I just could not put it down. It was awesome stuff!

Day 14 - A Non-Fictional Book
This one's easier. I'm going to pick a book called Emma and I, by Sheila Hocken. Sheila was a blind lady who lived in Nottingham and the book is the story of her relationship with Emma, her guide dog and how Emma changed her life in so many ways. I've always loved dogs but my mum didn't like them and I didn't think I'd ever get one. Then one day mum decided to read this book and it made her realise that there could be positives about having a dog and she and dad took the decision to get Jessie, our first puppy. So this truly is a book which changed my life!
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Once again, today is a "whatever tickles your fancy" day...


Today, I'm going to talk to you about Gloria the waiter. Yes, you read that right. He's a waiter. An actual waiter. Called Gloria.

I'm in Manchester - I arrived at one o'clock this afternoon. After finding our hotel, the first thing Chen and I did was go for some food as we were both hungry. We happened upon a branch of Bella Italia and in we went. We were served by a very friendly waiter, who was more than slightly camp but who was very lovely and who tried to help Chen out when she had a coughing fit by slapping her back heartily.

Anyhoo, the food was ace and so was the service and so when the bill arrived I wanted to know what the waiter's name was.

And written on the bill were the words 'Server - Gloria'.

I think it's fair to say that hilarity ensued.

I'm now just waiting for Chen to finish her wee (TMI?) and then we're heading back out - this time to the shops and then to the cinema to watch an actual film. I think it's called Paranormal something or other and it's meant to be scary. We shall see...
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A recent picture of me.

I hate having my photo taken (with a passion), but when I had my hair done about a month or so ago I decided to take a quick piccy with the webcam, so here it is...

No tittering at the back please, I know it's not good.

Anyway, my hair's a bit different from that now because I had something done yesterday but I'm planning on surprising [ profile] me_unabridged with it when I get to Manchester tomorrow, so that's remaining top secret for now.

I am off to Manchester tomorrow (in case you hadn't guessed). I leave Plymouth at 7.25am and am due to get in at 1.00pm, and then I get back just before 11.00pm on Sunday evening. Happy days, I reckon! I cannot wait!


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