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Weather forecasts - what's the point of them?

All week, I've been checking the forecast for Taunton today and it's said it would be dry, warm and sunny.  All bloody week.  And now, on the day in question, that forecast has been revised somewhat and we're due to have a mixture of light rain and showers.  FFS!



Jan. 9th, 2010 03:32 pm
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I've just got back from Tesco at Roborough. Not my favourite place at the best of times, but today it's outdone itself.

They've not bothered to spread any grit anywhere in the car park, so it's still like a skating rink. The snow which is still lying on the ground is obscuring the white lines of the parking bays, and so obviously it's not clear where one ends and the next begins. So I'd expect a little bit of creative parking, but that's not enough for some people, and so they'd parked in the roadway instead of bothering to try doing it properly.

Also, pushing a shopping trolley through snow, slush and ice is Very Hard Work. I had to do this because I had to park a country mile away from the store and because I don't think any trolleys can have been collected in since about... Oh, Christmas?

And then I got inside. And that's when it really went wrong.

I think the only word I can use to describe it is "chaos". I've never seen so many people in a supermarket, not even at Christmas in the days before 24 hour shopping. There were no mushrooms, there wasn't a single loaf of bread or rolls, there were no strawberries, I got the last thing of eggs, all the tins were going... Then there was the bumping, the jostling, the presence of entire families on what appeared to be a day out... The only single yogurts they had were burst ones so I had to get a multipack. There were no whole chickens and only about two packs of beef mince, but I didn't need any of those so that wasn't so bad. No strawberries - did I say that already?

I had to buy wine. I needed something to look forward to while I was standing in the Shopping Queue of Doom, waiting to get through the checkout.

I thought I'd done that quite cleverly because there was one woman in front of me and she only had one of the shallow trolleys, and then there was a couple in front of her who were halfway through doing theirs. So that looked like a good bet, until I realised that the woman in front had the shallow trolley equivalent of the Tardis. I have no idea how she managed to pack so much stuff into so little space. Every time I thought she must have got the last bit, she reached in again and picked out something else - it was endless!

Anyway, finally I got through and I got out and I battled back through the snow and the slush and the ice to get to Squish, and then I came home.

All that hassle, because two days of "light snow" are forecast for Plymouth. What would these people do if Armageddon was on the way, I wonder? I tell you what, if the end of the world ever is nigh, I'm going to wake myself up and go to Tesco at 3.00am. It might be quieter in there then...


Dec. 6th, 2009 10:40 am
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Well, it had to happen sooner or later, what with all this weather we've been having. Yes, the conservatory has gone and sprung a leak and in last night's torrential rain we had water running down the wall and onto the floor. We've caught it in a bowl so hopefully the floor won't be damaged, and I'm hoping also that it hasn't got into the electrics. We'll be ringing Stormseal or whatever they're called tomorrow to get them out to fix it because thankfully it's under warranty.

Another thing which didn't go to plan yesterday was that my rhubarb crumble turned out to be apple crumble instead. It was nice, but it wasn't what I'd wanted and it's also a bit annoying because now I'll have to go down to the square to complain and get a refund.

I'm tired today because the weather kept me awake half the night. This means I'm also grumpy. And in a minute, I have to start putting the deccies up and then go to Tesco for food shopping and neither of those will improve my mood. However, my chores are done I can then spend the rest of the day writing, so that should help matters somewhat. *crosses fingers*


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