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Oh, well this is a disappointment.

I had a night of watching Alaska State Troopers on Sky+, but it turns out that we've already seen all the episodes. Arse.

Coach Trip instead, methinks! *loves*
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For weeks now, I've heard Chris Moyles and Scott Mills going on about Pineapple Dance Studios and tonight I'm watching it for the first time.  Is it meant to be this funny???


Mar. 9th, 2010 07:48 pm
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This news story made me cry.

This news story also made me cry - this time, with laughter.

And in other news...

I've booked tickets to see the Dancing on Ice live show in Manchester in April.  I hadn't planned on going again this year, but then I saw the line-up and decided it would be both awesome and an excuse to do some Daniel-perving, so that sealed the deal.  I just need to book a hotel and the flights now. 

This is quite a cute story.  I particularly like the quote, "I'm in the connecting room and all I could hear was him moaning".  Sadly though, that's not the whole sentence...

The days are getting so much lighter now!  I'm awake by 6.00am because it's getting light (although when Mr Blackbird's giving it welly I'm usually awake long before then!), and now I'm even getting home from work in daylight.  I just need it to warm up a little now.  David Brain says it'll be 11 degrees on Saturday, so it's getting there.  Everything's very behind though.  It's practically the middle of March and we still have snowdrops in the garden!  And I haven't seen a single wild daffodil yet!  This is one spring that's going to be very welcome, I tell you!

I watched this programme last night about the solar system and it's presented by this cute little northern dude called Professor Brian Cox.  It was really good although some of it did go over my head, but I found myself feeling really disturbed by the fact that this guy who looked about 10 could be an actual professor.  I mentioned this to mum and she told me to Wikipedia him.  So I did.  This is him.  He's not 10, after all.  He's actually 42.  And he used to be in D:Ream.  Now, that's my kind of scientist!
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I nearly went arse over tit when walking Teh Dogge this evening, because the residual water from the rain/sleet/snow/hail that we've had today has now frozen solid on the pavements, leaving black ice everywhere. We'd been heading to the park but when my legs went from under me and I almost fell right down I decided against walking down the steep hill and we just went around the block instead. I am not looking forward to getting in the car and driving just after 6.00am tomorrow, that's for sure!

I haven't done a lot else today, apart from walking Dexter and doing my shopping. It's been another good old lazy Sunday.

I have however done some writing. I was set a target of 2,500 words for today and I'm currently on 2,392 so I'm going to do a bit more now before the Dancing on Ice skate off starts.

Oh, but before I go I must just say this - how shite is this Wild at Heart programme?
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I'm watching some nature programme set in the Great Rift Valley and there's these little things on it and they're called a hyrax and they're just too damned cute and I really would like one. They make noises like guinea pigs and everything!

Oh, now there's this Serval thing and it looks like Les the Cat off of next door on acid. And now there's elephants. I like elephants.

Oh, bongos now! I love bongos!!

Right, I'm going to stop now.

I'm enjoying this show so far, though. I hope nothing gets mashed. It might be okay because it's not Sir David Attenborough doing the voice over, so... *crosses fingers*

Edit: Oh, no. Poor baby zebra... RIP...
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The bloke on tonight's Escape to the Country (half of the couple, not Alastair Appleton) looks scarily like a bald version of Ian Bell...
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I must post about the absolute joy which was this Sunday's episode of Top Gear.  It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time.  Basically, they had to make an electric car.  Clarkson was working on the outer shell, Hammond was doing the chassis and the battery was James May's responsibility.  The car was duly built and was named Geoff.  It was a little on the square side and had a sort of bubble thing on the top which Richard Hammond popped his head into when they were driving along.  He looked like a cross between the Pope in his Pope-mobile and someone who'd gone into the human marmot den thing at Paignton Zoo.  Anyway, they took Geoff out but he didn't do so well and after holding up half of Oxford and taking a detour down the A34 he ended up rolling down a grassy bank and dying.  So they built another one, which they called Hammerhead something or other.  This one had to go through all the road tests, and that's when the tears really started.  They dressed themselves up as crash test dummies, complete with little circles on their faces, and got into the car ready for the first test.  At this point, they realised they didn't particularly want to sit in the car as it crashed into the wall at 35mph and so they pretended.  They slowed themselves down and made like they were in a crash and then sped it up to make it look more "realistic".  The next test was the side impact one, and what they did with that was they put the big bashy thing at the side of the car and then lifted it up, and played it backwards.  It probably loses a fair amount in the translation, but it really was stonking.

The weather's gone wrong again.  We've got rain and gale force winds here, and if the shed roof doesn't go tonight I will be very amazed indeed.

Teh Dogge's having a lovely evening.  He's had loads of gravy and veg from tonight's casserole and he absolutely wolfed it down, and now he's waiting for the chicken I've cooked up for tomorrow's lunch to cool off before he gets a bit of that.  Bless him.

I'm having a telly night tonight.  I've already watched Eggheads (which came complete with a builder wearing a suit and bad hair) and now we're onto Escape to the Country (no Jules - booooo).  I'm going to see if we can watch Life afterwards, [ profile] slooj has told me to look out for a freaky mole...  And then it'll be an early night, although with the hurricane outside I'm not sure how much sleep's going to be had...


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