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Right, so... The weekend.

It was a bit of a stonker, as it goes.

I woke on Saturday morning following a dream in which I ran into Darren Anderton walking down the A379 towards town, wearing a flowery dress, flowery tights, suspenders and peep toed sandals. He had red nail polish on his toenails, quite neatly applied as well.

So that was how my day started.

I then got up and had a spot of breakfast before bundling Teh Dogge into the car and heading off to Loe Bar down in south west Cornwall, via Sticker. I'd planned to go into the stop in Sticker to get some actual stickers for [ profile] me_unabridged but this plan was foiled by the fact that the shop there didn't sell actual stickers. I did get something, though, so it wasn't a completely wasted detour.

When we got to Loe Bar and parked up, the first thing I noticed as I stepped out of the car was how still the air was and how incredibly warm it was. I'd taken both a fleece and a rain jacket, but needed neither and walked the entire route in just my jeans and t-shirt. Total bliss! After I'd noticed those two things, I then noticed how loud the sea was. A glance over in its direction told me that was because the waves were just massive - the biggest I've ever seen. The noise they made when they broke was like thunder, it was just breathtaking. When I got to the beach at Loe Bar I realised why - the beach apparently shelves very steeply, thus causing these large waves.

We walked along the cliff path to the beach and then Dexter had a swim in the pool there at the back of the beach before we headed up and followed a path around the side of the pool towards Penrose House and back via the lanes. We were walking for about 2 hours in all, it was really lovely.

On the drive home I decided to nip through Redruth and pick up the A30. It used to take me a minimum of 90 minutes to drive back from the big roundabout at Truro, but now the road has been turned into a dual carriageway over Goss Moor (which used to be such a bottleneck, especially when lorries crashed into the low railway bridge - which happened with alarming regularity), and also the A38 at Dobwalls is now a dual carriageway, and the trip took less than an hour. I love Cornwall, there are some amazing walks down there, but I haven't been much over the last few years because it always takes so long to get there. Now, though, it doesn't take anything like as long, so I'll definitely head down there more often!

On Saturday evening we had curry dings and some San Miguel and wine, which was delicious.

Then yesterday morning I got up and headed into town to get my hair done. I've had a mahogany colour put on it, and have had a bit of a fringe in as well. I'm really pleased with the result, she's done a cracking job! I also did a bit of shopping - two pairs of trousers and a few tops in Marksies. But I was good and stopped myeslf from getting the new Mo Hayder book in Waterstones - I'm going to see whether they have it in the library.

The rest of yesterday I spent doing some writing, and then in the evening I watched Dancing on Ice, which was entertaining.

And that was my weekend. I believe I promised photos earlier.

Here you go... )

On Saturday, it was so lovely and warm that I really did think spring was on the way. This evening, it's snowing (contrary to what that daft bint said on the weather forecast on Spotlight about it staying dry). Bloody weather!


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