Mar. 9th, 2010 07:48 pm
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This news story made me cry.

This news story also made me cry - this time, with laughter.

And in other news...

I've booked tickets to see the Dancing on Ice live show in Manchester in April.  I hadn't planned on going again this year, but then I saw the line-up and decided it would be both awesome and an excuse to do some Daniel-perving, so that sealed the deal.  I just need to book a hotel and the flights now. 

This is quite a cute story.  I particularly like the quote, "I'm in the connecting room and all I could hear was him moaning".  Sadly though, that's not the whole sentence...

The days are getting so much lighter now!  I'm awake by 6.00am because it's getting light (although when Mr Blackbird's giving it welly I'm usually awake long before then!), and now I'm even getting home from work in daylight.  I just need it to warm up a little now.  David Brain says it'll be 11 degrees on Saturday, so it's getting there.  Everything's very behind though.  It's practically the middle of March and we still have snowdrops in the garden!  And I haven't seen a single wild daffodil yet!  This is one spring that's going to be very welcome, I tell you!

I watched this programme last night about the solar system and it's presented by this cute little northern dude called Professor Brian Cox.  It was really good although some of it did go over my head, but I found myself feeling really disturbed by the fact that this guy who looked about 10 could be an actual professor.  I mentioned this to mum and she told me to Wikipedia him.  So I did.  This is him.  He's not 10, after all.  He's actually 42.  And he used to be in D:Ream.  Now, that's my kind of scientist!


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