May. 20th, 2010

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Everyone makes mistakes, don't they. Even those who think they're completely perfect in all ways, make the odd error of judgement. I think there's even a phrase about it - "to err is human" or something like that.

But... Most people learn from their mistakes, and tend not to make the exact same one twice.

Not so Yorkshire CCC.

Let's do one of those wavy things for a minute that indicates passage of time...

Okay, so... Picture the scene - it's Friday, 3rd July 2009. Somerset and Yorkshire are playing the final day of their County Championship game at Taunton, the weather isn't too clever and there isn't a huge amount of time left in the day. It seems that the only result will be a draw. Yorkshire are in their second innings, and they decide to declare on 363-5, thus setting Somerset a seemingly unachievable target of 476 to win the game. No-one thought Somerset stood a chance of chasing that down, but chase it down they did, and pulled off a stunning victory that made me laugh and bounce and cheer a lot.

Now, fast forward to today. It's day four of the Championship game between Somerset and Yorkshire at Taunton, and Yorkshire are batting in their second innings and are on 333-4 when they decided they'd scored enough runs to make the game safe and decided to declare just before lunch. I'm assuming that they thought they might manage to take a few quick wickets and snatch the victory, but Somerset had other ideas and thanks to half centuries from Marcus and Nick Compton plus 93 from Mr de Bruyn and a 70 ball 102 not out from Hildy, Somerset pulled off another victory, this time by 6 wickets!! Oh, and special mention must go to Jos Buttler for his 31 off 17 balls. That lad is a star!

So after me deciding this morning that the game was definitely going to be a draw, I'm really rather chuffed to see that Yorkshire have managed to throw it away for the second season in succession. That's a pretty stonking way to get the first win of the season, I reckon!

Something else that's making me smile this evening is the promise of fish and chips for dinner. I texted mum this afternoon with the words "fish and chips...?" and she replied and said no, she'd put something in the crock pot this morning (she's been up at Auntie Elsie's today), but we could have fish and chips tomorrow instead. And then she texted again a while later to say she'd managed to flick off the power switch which controls the socket into which the crock pot was plugged, and so dinner hadn't even begun cooking. So we're having fish and chips tonight instead of tomorrow. Huzzah!!!
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