Mar. 21st, 2010

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This probably wasn't a worldwide news story, but the first news story that I remember was the heatwave in the summer of 1976. I remember going to primary school each day and then coming home and mum taking my best friend Julie and I off to the beach at Bovisand. We didn't have a car in those days, so we used to get the bus over. There was a yellow double decker bus that went from Plymouth out to Bovisand each day, and we'd get on that - always on the top deck, because it was open air. Weekends were the same, we were on the beach as much as possible. Sometimes Julie's parents would come with us, but her mum had something of an allergy to sunshine and so most of the time it was just me, mum and Julie. Because the water was so hot and so dry, there were plenty of fires in the scrub and bushes around the beach, and I remember several occasions when we were stranded there because they'd had to close the road out in order to attend to them. One time, someone said there was a bomb and mum had gone up to have a look so I was in the sea, crying because I was scared.

Bovisand was a great beach. About halfway down was a rock - I'm not sure what it used to be but it appears to be man-made because it's got a slope that leads from the sand up to the top and a wooden pole sticking out of the top. We used to go and sit on it when the tide was coming in and dangle our legs over the edge so they could get splashed by the waves as the water level rose.

On the occasions when we couldn't get to the beach we spent many a happy day sat out in our front gardens in our paddling pools, playing with our toy boats and just having very good times. And I think, although I could be wrong, that that was the summer when my sister tried to drown Julie because she'd got Katie's boat and wouldn't give it back...
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I've had a lovely weekend!

Yesterday, I had a really nice lie-in whilst watching the cricket and doing some writing, and then I went into town where we had lunch at Positano, and then I went over to The Hair Priory and got my hair cut and coloured.  I'm glad Kate's moved there - they offer you wine and proper fancy coffees, none of the muck mixed with Coffeemate that you used to get at Vaughan's!  Apparently, he'd said to them all that he was putting the prices up by £1 but wanted to keep that extra £1 (on top of the 60% of the takings he was already taking), and was planning on putting them up by another £1 in April and doing the same thing.  When Kate asked during the staff meeting he'd called to tell them all this what he would do if they all said no, he said, "Well, you can all fuck off."  Lovely.  So she took him at his word and switched salons, and it's so much nicer there, even if they don't have vibrating chairs by the basins.  And it was a tenner cheaper!  Good stuff!  So I saved myself £10 there and I also saved myself money by resisting the temptation to buy the new books by Linwood Barclay and Dorothy Koomson.  Hopefully they'll be out in paperback before I go to Mallorca in SIXTEEN WEEKS' TIME.  Yesterday evening was spent in front of the telly with some lovely food, a couple of bottles of Italian lager off of Marksies, and then some Petit Chablis, whilst watching old episodes of UK Border Force (I am addicted to this, btw).

Today, I had another nice lie-in and then got up and watched the end of play from Bangladesh before walking Teh Dogge.  I then spent the rest of the day writing (I did over 5,000 words today) and watching the IPL, the second game of which ended up in a super over, which was really good fun.  I don't actually know the names of the teams because I'm rubbish like that, but I wanted the yellow team with Mattie Hayden and his mongoose to win, but the red team in the Arsenal type shirts won, which was a shame.  It was an awesome match, though.

I had planned on cooking chicken wrapped in parma ham and stuffed with Quark and parsley for dinner, but I got as far as getting the ingredients out and lighting the oven before deciding I simply could not be arsed, and ordering in a pizza instead.  Total diet fail.  Dominoes appear to be right on form, though.  The order was only placed 15 minutes ago, and already it's on the road.  Stonking!

Right, I must go and put my clean bedding on before the pizza arrives.  I'll never manage it once I've had a beer - it's tricky enough at the best of times!


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