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I'm back from the vet's, after having to wait an hour for the appointment they'd scheduled just this morning.  I was less than impressed, I can tell you.  I understand that they sometimes have emergencies, but really - would it be too much to ring the people who have appointments booked and ask them to come in a bit later? 

Anyway, this vet had a look at Dexter's bum and confirmed that there is indeed an infection there.  She shaved the fur away and then stuck her fingers up and had a feel and said there's definitely something there.  When I said he'd had his anal glands removed, she seemed incredibly surprised!  She packed me off with a 10 day course of antibiotics and he has to go back on Friday morning to see the vet who did his operation. 

So that's another £50-odd gone, and I'm not particularly happy because the vet who saw him yesterday didn't even bother checking his bottom, even though I said he was worrying at it.

Poor Dexter seems very out of sorts still.  He's lying on the arm of the sofa at the moment, not doing very much.  He ate a little bit of chicken earlier, but that's all he's had since about Thursday, which isn't particularly good.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and he'll start feeling brighter soon, though.

I am now finally going to go and sit out in the garden for a couple of hours - I feel like most of today has been completely wasted and I'm in a bit of a grump about it, so with a bit of luck, thhe sunshine will cheer me up!


Jun. 20th, 2010 10:11 am
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So, my plan this morning had been to get up, have breakfast, go to Hell On Earth (aka Tesco), come back and then sunbathe for the rest of the day.

However, my plan has had to be revised now because Dexter is in a lot of discomfort and having looked at him, we now think there is nothing wrong with his back or neck and that actually, he's got an infection around his bottom, poor thing. I've managed to cut away some of the fur and it looks very inflamed, and it's a bit sticky and smelly. So Tesco has been put on hold because I'm going back to the vet at 11.10am for an emergency appointment. Nightmare!

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I'm back from the vet - Dexter has been diagnosed with a bad back and neck. He has been prescribed the canine equivalent of bed rest - no walks for a week, no jumping around, no stairs, etc. Poor chap!

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I'm off to the veterinary shortly, with Dexter.  He's been a bit off-colour for a few days after nearly choking on a biscuit, so I'm going to get him checked out.  Poor little chap!
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I decided tonight that Dexter could sleep downstairs if he wanted as he was looking pretty washed out after his morphine shot. But he's brought himself up and is now sitting in the middle of the room, looking like an extra from Pet Sematary, all vacant and weird. I hope he doesn't go completely wrong and bite me to death in the night!

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Teh Dogge

Mar. 23rd, 2010 08:48 pm
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Dexter's injured! This morning, I noticed he was a little uncomfortable when walking down the stairs, and then he didn't want to go out for his morning wee. He also seemed to be a bit hesitant when leaning down to eat his Schmacko before I went to work. According to mum, he's been on the sofa all afternoon and was in obvious pain. He looked as if he was limping, and he kept whimpering and occasionally yelping. So I decided a trip to the vet was in order, and we've not long since got back.

He's cricked his neck, apparently. The vet manipulated it and he really flinched, bless him. So he's had a morphine shot and some anti-inflammatories, and he's got a week's supply of pills, and has to go back on Monday for a check up. She thinks that it's a muscular thing rather than a skeletal thing, so I'm guessing that's good news. And after I'd promised him faithfully that they wouldn't do anything unspeakable, the poor lad had a thermometer put up his bottom as well. His temperature is a little high but she thinks that's because he's sore and his muscles are inflamed. Obviously if he's any worse he'll go back before Monday, but hopefully he'll be okay.

He's now lying on the floor in between the living room and the dining room, panting and looking a bit dopey (yes, dopier even than normal).

He's not allowed proper walks for 2-3 days and has to go on a harness rather than with his collar, which will do him good because he always pulls like mad.

So that's Dexter, all sore and wounded.

Poor chap.
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Dexter bought me Just Dance for the Wii for Mother's Day. I wonder how he knew I wanted it...

My plans for today are to continue enjoying the lie-in I'm having at the moment whilst watching some more of the cricket (which isn't all that exciting tbh because it's so one-sided), and then to get up, have some breakfast, nip to the supermarket and then come back and do a shedload of writing. I have the next few bits sorted in my head, so it's just a case of getting typing really.

We went to Fishbone last night and although we had a good meal, the service was appalling. We had our meals and then they cleared the plates away and just left us! We were sat there for half an hour, waiting to see if they were going to offer us a dessert, before deciding that actually, we'd just have some chocolate at home instead. Not surprisingly, we didn't leave a tip. Not even a single penny.

I have to get back onto the Slimming World plan from tomorrow. I've been dreadful lately, eating crap and drinking too many boozes, and as I'll be sat by the pool in Cala d'Or in just SEVENTEEN WEEKS' time, I really need to get myself sorted. So if anyone sees me posting on here, FB or Twitter about having crisps, chocolate or wine, please tell me off in the strongest possible terms. (This does not include tonight, btw. I'm starting tomorrow.)
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I appear to have turned into something of a plane spotter. Dexter had to go back to the vet this afternoon (more of that later) and as I was driving home, I noticed that the landing lights were on. There's a little industrial estate near to the airport's permiter fence (this may come as a shock to you, but it's called the Airport Business Park) and so I decided to park in there and take Dexter for a little walk around and see if there were any planes on their way in. There's a little track that runs along by the perimeter fence, and I walked along there while I was waiting. I soon spotted one on his way in, and I was standing virtually right at the end of the runway as he came in. It was excellent - he was only just a tiny bit higher than the tops of the trees! Anyway, that was pretty good and then as I got back to the car, I spotted lights in the sky not too far away - another plane on its way in! This time, I stood right next to the landing lights, and he went right over my head! Obviously he was losing height as he came in towards the airport, and for a few seconds it was like he was aiming right for me! I loved it!

So yes, that's me. Plane spotter.

Now, as I mentioned before, poor Dexter was back at the vet again today. When we went in the week we got given some hibiscrub to put on his sorely balls and he also had some painkillers and some antibiotics. The painkillers ran out this morning and we gave up on the hibiscrub because it seemed to make them worse, not better, but he's still not right with them and so I wanted some more painkillers. Only they wouldn't give them out without a second consultatio, so back we went. I've now got some steroid gel to put on them as well. Hopefully he won't have an adverse reaction to that.

The Winter Limpix have started. I was going to watch the men's downhill this evening but it's been put back a few days due to the weather. Damn and blast! Some poor bloke got killed doing the luge yesterday. Eurosport in their "wisdom" decided to show unedited footage of it, without giving out any warning that they were about to do so. It was just horrific. We're watching a bit of ski jumping now. They all seem to have dodgy hair, for some reason. There's a whole lot of mullets going on.
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Mum went out to play skittles this afternoon and when she came back, Darren off of next door said that our burglar alarm had gone off while she was out.  Eileen off of Ted and Eileen has a key and she'd come in to unset it for us, and she'd left us the following note:

Dear Barbara

Dexter set off the alarm at 2.30pm.  Perhaps he caused a draught, or jumped up on the back of the settee.  His tail might have set it off, he wags it very vigorously!


How cute is that?  It was sweet of her to leave a note at all, but I love how she was hypothesising about how it could have happened!  Awesome!
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This was the view which greeted me when I woke this morning...

Yes, we have had actual snow in Plymouth! Who'd have thunk it? Not me, that's for sure! I know it's not much - perhaps half a centimetre - but it's more than we normally get so I was very excited about it! Dexter didn't like it quite so much. We went for a walk and I noticed on the way back that he appeared to be limping, and when we got home I realised it was because the snow had balled up under his paws and turned into little blocks of ice, so that's why he couldn't walk properly. Poor little chap!

The snow is now beginning to melt because the sun's shining. It doesn't feel as cold as it did yesterday, which is good, although apparently it's going to freeze overnight. I'm just hoping that where the snow has melted has a chance to dry out before it freezes, otherwise everything's going to be very slippery tomorrow morning. *frets*

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Dec. 7th, 2009 07:23 pm
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Today, I have to post a photo which makes me happy, and this is it:

The eagle eyed amongst you will spot that this is Dexter, aka Teh Dogge. This photo was taken when he was four months old, after he'd been caught "Dexterising" one of the plant pots out on the patio. It always makes me happy because he's just a great dog, even when he's being a fiend. He's 4½ now and he still loves to play with his toys, and things around the house and garden still get "Dextered". He's definitely still a puppy at heart - long may it continue!
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The other day, we were watching something on telly and it had some background music going on. At one point, they used a snippet of Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan, and Dexter started barking and grumbling, causing us to wonder whether he didn't like what he was hearing.

I'd forgotten all about it to be honest, but I'm now listening to an album which has got the track on it, and he was fast asleep until it started, but then began barking away almost as soon as it started.

It doesn't have quite the same effect on him as Toxic, and there wasn't any actual howling (which was a shame), but he definitely doesn't like it for some reason.

He's a weird creature, is my dog!

Anyway, must crack on. My fic is starting to take shape nicely and I'm about to write some actual porn. Huzzah!
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I must post about the absolute joy which was this Sunday's episode of Top Gear.  It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time.  Basically, they had to make an electric car.  Clarkson was working on the outer shell, Hammond was doing the chassis and the battery was James May's responsibility.  The car was duly built and was named Geoff.  It was a little on the square side and had a sort of bubble thing on the top which Richard Hammond popped his head into when they were driving along.  He looked like a cross between the Pope in his Pope-mobile and someone who'd gone into the human marmot den thing at Paignton Zoo.  Anyway, they took Geoff out but he didn't do so well and after holding up half of Oxford and taking a detour down the A34 he ended up rolling down a grassy bank and dying.  So they built another one, which they called Hammerhead something or other.  This one had to go through all the road tests, and that's when the tears really started.  They dressed themselves up as crash test dummies, complete with little circles on their faces, and got into the car ready for the first test.  At this point, they realised they didn't particularly want to sit in the car as it crashed into the wall at 35mph and so they pretended.  They slowed themselves down and made like they were in a crash and then sped it up to make it look more "realistic".  The next test was the side impact one, and what they did with that was they put the big bashy thing at the side of the car and then lifted it up, and played it backwards.  It probably loses a fair amount in the translation, but it really was stonking.

The weather's gone wrong again.  We've got rain and gale force winds here, and if the shed roof doesn't go tonight I will be very amazed indeed.

Teh Dogge's having a lovely evening.  He's had loads of gravy and veg from tonight's casserole and he absolutely wolfed it down, and now he's waiting for the chicken I've cooked up for tomorrow's lunch to cool off before he gets a bit of that.  Bless him.

I'm having a telly night tonight.  I've already watched Eggheads (which came complete with a builder wearing a suit and bad hair) and now we're onto Escape to the Country (no Jules - booooo).  I'm going to see if we can watch Life afterwards, [ profile] slooj has told me to look out for a freaky mole...  And then it'll be an early night, although with the hurricane outside I'm not sure how much sleep's going to be had...


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