Jun. 20th, 2010


Jun. 20th, 2010 10:11 am
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So, my plan this morning had been to get up, have breakfast, go to Hell On Earth (aka Tesco), come back and then sunbathe for the rest of the day.

However, my plan has had to be revised now because Dexter is in a lot of discomfort and having looked at him, we now think there is nothing wrong with his back or neck and that actually, he's got an infection around his bottom, poor thing. I've managed to cut away some of the fur and it looks very inflamed, and it's a bit sticky and smelly. So Tesco has been put on hold because I'm going back to the vet at 11.10am for an emergency appointment. Nightmare!

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I'm back from the vet's, after having to wait an hour for the appointment they'd scheduled just this morning.  I was less than impressed, I can tell you.  I understand that they sometimes have emergencies, but really - would it be too much to ring the people who have appointments booked and ask them to come in a bit later? 

Anyway, this vet had a look at Dexter's bum and confirmed that there is indeed an infection there.  She shaved the fur away and then stuck her fingers up and had a feel and said there's definitely something there.  When I said he'd had his anal glands removed, she seemed incredibly surprised!  She packed me off with a 10 day course of antibiotics and he has to go back on Friday morning to see the vet who did his operation. 

So that's another £50-odd gone, and I'm not particularly happy because the vet who saw him yesterday didn't even bother checking his bottom, even though I said he was worrying at it.

Poor Dexter seems very out of sorts still.  He's lying on the arm of the sofa at the moment, not doing very much.  He ate a little bit of chicken earlier, but that's all he's had since about Thursday, which isn't particularly good.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and he'll start feeling brighter soon, though.

I am now finally going to go and sit out in the garden for a couple of hours - I feel like most of today has been completely wasted and I'm in a bit of a grump about it, so with a bit of luck, thhe sunshine will cheer me up!
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