Mar. 14th, 2010

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Dexter bought me Just Dance for the Wii for Mother's Day. I wonder how he knew I wanted it...

My plans for today are to continue enjoying the lie-in I'm having at the moment whilst watching some more of the cricket (which isn't all that exciting tbh because it's so one-sided), and then to get up, have some breakfast, nip to the supermarket and then come back and do a shedload of writing. I have the next few bits sorted in my head, so it's just a case of getting typing really.

We went to Fishbone last night and although we had a good meal, the service was appalling. We had our meals and then they cleared the plates away and just left us! We were sat there for half an hour, waiting to see if they were going to offer us a dessert, before deciding that actually, we'd just have some chocolate at home instead. Not surprisingly, we didn't leave a tip. Not even a single penny.

I have to get back onto the Slimming World plan from tomorrow. I've been dreadful lately, eating crap and drinking too many boozes, and as I'll be sat by the pool in Cala d'Or in just SEVENTEEN WEEKS' time, I really need to get myself sorted. So if anyone sees me posting on here, FB or Twitter about having crisps, chocolate or wine, please tell me off in the strongest possible terms. (This does not include tonight, btw. I'm starting tomorrow.)
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For weeks now, I've heard Chris Moyles and Scott Mills going on about Pineapple Dance Studios and tonight I'm watching it for the first time.  Is it meant to be this funny???


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