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I think I may have put too many chilli bits in my jacket potato filling this morning. My mouth feels like it's on fire now! Ouchies!

Thankfully, I woke this morning to find both the conservatory and the shed roof intact. Well, the shed roof is kind of intact. There's still a bit missing from the gale we had the other week, and it's that bit that the wind's now getting in under and lifting the rest of it off. It needs fixing really, before it ends up in next door's garden and lands on Les the Cat or something.

Still on the subject of the weather, we had a mahoosive hailstorm this morning. Thankfully it was when I was on the bus, so I was both warm and dry. It was quite impressive though. Everything went all white for about five minutes until it melted! I'm so easily pleased...

Today's my sister's birthday and Martyn went and bought her one of the things I'd bought her for Christmas. Typical. Hopefully she's going to be able to take one back to Tesco, otherwise the money I spent on mine will have been wasted. Next year, she's just getting vouchers...

I got a book by Peter Kay for my unbirthday present. Not the Sound of Laughter one, but another one. I haven't read anything that wasn't a novel in ages so it'll make a nice change.

I've been invited out for a curry tomorrow night but I don't know if I can be arsed. It's at 6.30pm so I wouldn't have time to go home and get changed after work and then get back into town. So that means I'd be stuck at work for an hour longer than necessary and I have to either go in my work clothes or carry in a change of clothes in the morning. It's easier to take one delivered, I think...


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