May. 28th, 2010

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The most dangerous thing I've ever done is also the most stupid thing I've ever done.

Back in 2001, Nikki and I went on a holiday to the Italian Riviera. It was a coach trip thing and we stayed in a place called Diano Marina. While we were away, we sort of chummed up a bit with the driver and the tour guide, and one night we all went out for a drink in the town. Lots of alcohol was consumed. Lots and lots of alcohol. And then after we staggered back to the hotel, we decided we wanted some more. This hotel was a small, family-run one, and so there wasn't a bar that was open and we had to go looking for the boozes. For some reason that I still can't fathom, all three of us headed into the kitchen and actually walked right into the walk-in fridge, which was turned up to the coldest temperature. Thankfully, the door didn't close behind us because if it had, no-one knew we were in there, and no-one would have found us for hours - by which time we would probably have turned into human ice pops!!

As to whether I'm glad I did it - the answer would be 'no', because all we found was some minging bitter type stuff, and I had just two mouthfuls before going to bed.

And no, I'd never do it again!
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