Apr. 2nd, 2010

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I got myself up early this morning and nipped into town for a few things – including a jacket and how embarrassing was it that I needed a man’s XL one???  Diet starts when we get home, seriously!

When I got home, it was time to pack quickly and then we set off for Plymouth Airport.  As we were checking in we were told that due to earlier technical difficulties and adverse weather at Gatwick, we were going to be delayed for 90 minutes.  We did make some joke about nipping home, but the check in guy said it’s best not to, just in case.  Just as well we didn’t…  We got ourselves a toastie and a beer and were in the middle of that when there was an announcement to say that we were going on time after all!  I think what they’d done was they’d turned around an inbound Guernsey/Jersey flight and used that one instead of waiting for the other one to come back from Gatwick.

But we took off bang on time and we had a quick stop at Newquay before going on to Gatwick, where we also landed on time.  Result!  After getting our cases we found the hotel, which was right on the North Terminal and so very handy. It was very smart as well – the advertised room rate was £200 but we paid just £83 from Expedia – good stuff!

We got to our room and despite the fact that we were only there for one night mum unpacked (this was to be a recurring theme, as you will see), and then we went down into the bar for a couple of beers before going back up and getting ready for dinner. We decided to eat in the Chinese there (the hotel has a few restaurants) and apart from a screaming child in the place, it was a nice evening. We then thought we’d round it off by having a Tanqueray and tonic in the bar – actually, we ended up having two. We also needed some mineral water for the room as I can’t stand the tap water in the south east, and our bar bill came to a whopping £41 – almost as much as our food! We were laughing – we just couldn’t believe it!

Anyway, that was the day – I took a few photos but I need to explain something before I post them.  I took "pets" away on holiday with me - Dogly, who's the little stuffed toy that sits on my desk at work, and Craig and Adam, the two little dog things that Chen and I bought when we were in the Lake District recently.  I took them with me with the intent of taking photos of them on the trip, so if you're wondering why there are muppets in a few of my photos, that's why! 

So, enough of the explanations, here are the photos! )


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