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  • 13:39 I'm looking forward to watching Gloucestershire v Middlesex
    later on. Don't think there's any other sport on today, is there...? #
  • 17:42 Am at the cricket in Bristol. Less atmosphere than the moon. Family next to me have only just worked out their team is playing Middlesex... #
  • 17:44 Also, Tyron Henderson did not get his chest out during the warm-up. This is bad. But, Porterfield the cheat is out. And this is good! #
  • 17:54 Bloke behind did not know that Hamish Marshall plays for Glos! And I may have been outed as a non-Glos fan by applauding the second wicket! #
  • 20:17 Middlesex need 12 off the last over, Kirby is looking exceedingly ginger in the sunlight and the bloke next to me is rocking back and forth! #
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  • 14:25 I am clearly being stalked by the Sussex team. This is the second year running they've turned up at the same hotel as me! #
  • 17:13 Bloke behind the bar knew what I was going to order without me even having to ask. I'm not sure whether to be impressed, or worried #
  • 17:36 25 off the first over. I think it's fair to say Somerset have made a poor start... #
  • 17:51 The announcer just got Thomas and Pollard mixed up. Seriously, WTF? #
  • 18:04 It's 67-6 now, after 7 overs. I think it's fair to say the last 6 overs have been better than the first one!!! #
  • 18:46 Sussex are 159 all out! Game on! #
  • 20:06 I have officially started my car... #
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  • 19:47 Ricky Ponting is a git. Discuss... #
  • 20:07 Oh FFS Captain C...@she_who_dares No, that's very true! #
  • 21:08 Nathan Hauritz looks like a cross between Stephen Hendry and Stan Laurel. Fact. #
  • 21:12 Dear Botham. Please STFU next time? No love, me. #
  • 21:24 Oh, Eoin - you little treasure!!!! :-D #
  • 21:29 Uh-oh.... #
  • 21:30 squeaky bum time... #
  • 21:33 My mum has just said to Doug Bollinger: "Fuck off back to the champagne farm." Quite. #
  • 21:37 *coughs* batting powerplay? *coughs* #
  • 21:42 is it safe to start the car yet? #
  • 21:47 Steven Smith's hair's gone proper big! #
  • 21:49 Aha, here's the batting powerplay. Finally. #
  • 21:51 has started the car! COME ON, ENGLAND!!!! Get in!!!! #
  • 21:58 Can we say 2-0? I rather think we can! TWO NIL!!!!! #
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  • 14:23
    Plymouth in the sunshine! #
  • 18:45 I've just seen a woman wearing camouflage trousers and bright yellow crocs. Surely the two cancel each other out? #
  • 21:08 Giant Chocolate Buttons. They're like normal Chocolate
    Buttons. Only bigger. #
  • 21:32 Hoggy probably should not have said that, but the politically incorrect half of me is still giggling! #
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  • 19:08 Do my eyes deceive me, or does Shane Watson have a mullet?? #
  • 22:00 Oh dear, Tim :-( #
  • 22:05 Can I just say, I LOVE Eoin Morgan!!!! #
  • 22:12 Ooh, Gower and Athers have very nice ties on! #
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We won, we won!!!

*loves Eoin Morgan*
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Is it my imagination, or have England not yet taken their batting powerplay - again?

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  • 08:56 Am disturbed this morning by the ECB news headline "Kieswetter enjoys Strauss". It's taking my mind to places it does not wish to go!! #
  • 15:48

    The view from my sunlounger... #
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I'm back from the vet's, after having to wait an hour for the appointment they'd scheduled just this morning.  I was less than impressed, I can tell you.  I understand that they sometimes have emergencies, but really - would it be too much to ring the people who have appointments booked and ask them to come in a bit later? 

Anyway, this vet had a look at Dexter's bum and confirmed that there is indeed an infection there.  She shaved the fur away and then stuck her fingers up and had a feel and said there's definitely something there.  When I said he'd had his anal glands removed, she seemed incredibly surprised!  She packed me off with a 10 day course of antibiotics and he has to go back on Friday morning to see the vet who did his operation. 

So that's another £50-odd gone, and I'm not particularly happy because the vet who saw him yesterday didn't even bother checking his bottom, even though I said he was worrying at it.

Poor Dexter seems very out of sorts still.  He's lying on the arm of the sofa at the moment, not doing very much.  He ate a little bit of chicken earlier, but that's all he's had since about Thursday, which isn't particularly good.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and he'll start feeling brighter soon, though.

I am now finally going to go and sit out in the garden for a couple of hours - I feel like most of today has been completely wasted and I'm in a bit of a grump about it, so with a bit of luck, thhe sunshine will cheer me up!


Jun. 20th, 2010 10:11 am
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So, my plan this morning had been to get up, have breakfast, go to Hell On Earth (aka Tesco), come back and then sunbathe for the rest of the day.

However, my plan has had to be revised now because Dexter is in a lot of discomfort and having looked at him, we now think there is nothing wrong with his back or neck and that actually, he's got an infection around his bottom, poor thing. I've managed to cut away some of the fur and it looks very inflamed, and it's a bit sticky and smelly. So Tesco has been put on hold because I'm going back to the vet at 11.10am for an emergency appointment. Nightmare!

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  • 19:16 Oh crap. The subtitles on S4C aren't working and so now I'm having to try to understand actual Welsh. #
  • 19:29 Glamorgan, WTF? It's like watching Gloucestershire all over again! #
  • 19:51 Glamorgan are going to have to bowl their little socks off to get anything from this game! #
  • 20:24 I have to say, I'm less than impressed by Shaun Tait... #
  • 20:32 Ooh, Alastair Cook's mum is from Fforestfach! My sister used to live there!! #
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I was just on my way back from Somerfield when the nicest thing happened. I was driving along, thinking about whether to go to the gym on my way to work tomorrow, and then I remembered that tomorrow is in fact Sunday, and the gym thing is a decision that I can put off for another 24 hours! Huzzah!!!

I watched a shocking game of cricket earlier - Gloucestershire -v- Hampshire. Hampshire won in less than 8 overs, after Gloucestershire were all out for just 68 runs. It was just such bad batting - even worse than Somerset on a couple of occasions this season. I laughed. Actually, I laughed a lot. I especially laughed at Porterfield getting out because last night he was a horrible little cheat and didn't walk when the entire ground (apart from the umpires) saw that he was out.

I'm now going to watch Glamorgan -v- Essex, in Welsh. And I'm going to spend the evening eating the chicken dish which is cooking in the oven, drinking beer and wine, and eating a Belgian chocolate mousse type thing which mum bought me at Tesco earlier. Good times!


Jun. 19th, 2010 11:03 am
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Someone off of next door has a trumpet and is learning to play it. 

They are not learning with any degree of success at the minute - it sounds awful!!!

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I'm back from the vet - Dexter has been diagnosed with a bad back and neck. He has been prescribed the canine equivalent of bed rest - no walks for a week, no jumping around, no stairs, etc. Poor chap!

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I'm off to the veterinary shortly, with Dexter.  He's been a bit off-colour for a few days after nearly choking on a biscuit, so I'm going to get him checked out.  Poor little chap!
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  • 16:25 I'm at the cricket again this evening but fear not - I will not be tweeting as much as I did on Wednesday... #
  • 17:28
    Dodgy socks/sandals combo at the cricket! #
  • 17:52 Somerset need 200 runs to win. There is more chance of me having an affair with David Cameron... #
  • 18:31 This is like pulling teeth... #
  • 19:07 Ooh, it's a bit more entertaining now! #
  • 19:27 Holy crap, we chased down 200!!! *loves Zander* #
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Wow, what a game that was! After the batting collapse of Wednesday evening I didn't think we had much chance, and when Marcus and Nick Compton got out early doors, I thought our task was hopeless. But it ended up being the Zander and Kieron show - Kieron got 54 from 25 balls and Zander finished on 95 not out, off 49 balls! It was just awesome batting - a real treat! Oh, and Tregs took a stunning catch as well! Good times!!

We're just on the way home now - just past Haldon Hill, so another 40 minutes should hopefully do it. I'm tempted to have KFC when we get back to Plymouth...

One thing I will be having is a glass or two of wine, because beating Gloucestershire is something that must be celebrated!!

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Le sigh

Jun. 18th, 2010 06:25 pm
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So, Somerset have been set a target of 200. We are currently 49-2 off 5.5 overs. I think it's fair to say this isn't looking good...

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Oh noes!

Jun. 18th, 2010 04:24 pm
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They're playing that dreadful Black Eyed Peas song over the PA system. We always lose when they play that. Always.

Also, Steve Kirby is playing. *quakes*

Still, at least it's not raining - yet...

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Jun. 18th, 2010 02:43 pm
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Well, my working week is now done and I'm up at Taunton, about to have some lunch, washed down by the first beer of the weekend! The weather is warm but cloudy. I have a horrible feeling there may be some rain around later...

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