Jan. 3rd, 2010

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Today's photo is of the view from my spot on the sofa, which is somewhere I'm not planning on moving from for the next few hours (apart from going to the kitchen for the odd drink or two or three).

And I should have done this either yesterday or the day before, but I'm onto day 30 of the 30 things in 30 days meme, which is another "whatever tickles your fancy" thing. Today, for no raeson other than that it popped into my head, I'm going to talk about the time I thought I saw a ghost.

Mum and I used to keep horses - she had a chestnut mare called Spice and at the time this happened I had a bay coloured mare called Minstrel on winter loan from a local riding stables. I didn't drive back then and so there were times when I was alone up at the stables doing all the mucking out and/or settling in for the night and then someone would come and collect me. The stable block was a large building with rows of stables on either side of a central corridor and two tack rooms on either side at the far end, which doors that opened inwards onto the corridor. On this particular night, I was up there alone, waiting for my lift. It was a cold night some time in winter, and it was all dark and horrible outside so I decided to wait inside the stable block for my lift. I was stood down near to the bottom end of the block, by Spice's stable, when I glanced up towards where the tack room doors were open and saw what I can only describe as a grey, misty shape go floating across from one side of the building to the other. "Oh shit, I've just seen a ghost" were my first thoughts, closely followed by "I hope my lift arrives really soon!". I managed to not be too scared though because none of the horses appeared to be agitated and so I thought that if they were okay with the spirit's presence then it must be a nice spirit and not a nasty ass one. I was just getting all chilled about it and actually quite excited that I'd finally managed to see a real live ghost, when General, one of the other horses who lived there at the time, exhaled and I watched his breath vapour float from one side of the building to the other... I was quite disappointed, to be honest. And I still never have seen a ghost!
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Well, today's been my last day off - it's back to work tomorrow.

I've made the most of it - I didn't get out of bed until nearly 10.00am and then I spent the majority of the day just lounging around watching the cricket. It was an entertaining day's play - pretty much honours even at the minute, I'd say. If only Swann had held that catch though... *sighs*

Comedy moment of the day came at the Theatre of Comedy where Leeds stuffed Man United 1-0 and knocked them out of the FA Cup. Awesomeness!

The snow has mostly gone now. There are a couple of patches still here and there, though. It's been bitterly cold all day though, and now there's a wind blowing a hooly, but I'm at least hoping that'll keep the ice at bay for the morning.

I'm back on the Slimming World plan from tomorrow, and I'm going to be joining the gym which is near to the office as well. I'd planned on going there to look around and then (hopefully) register yesterday, but because it was all snowy and icy everywhere I didn't go in the end. But I may nip in one evening this week after work, or if not then I'll go next Saturday and get it sorted. I have a nice lot of vouchers to use at Waterstones so I can do that at the same time.

We had a lovely meal out at Millstones last night. It was a bit scary getting there and back but it was worth it. I had pate to start and then chicken stuffed with crab and in a white wine sauce, followed by a luxury chocolate torte. It was all washed down with some very nice Chablis and then we had a couple of gin and tonics when we got home as well. Happy days!

And that's me up to date for now, I think!


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