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Weather forecasts - what's the point of them?

All week, I've been checking the forecast for Taunton today and it's said it would be dry, warm and sunny.  All bloody week.  And now, on the day in question, that forecast has been revised somewhat and we're due to have a mixture of light rain and showers.  FFS!


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Do.  Not.  Want.
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Ahhh, now I know why the weather's gone wrong.

It's the Royal Cornwall Show this week.
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Blummin flip, but the weather's shocking in Plymouth this evening.

We had rain forecast but I didn't think it was going to be quite this bad.  When I left work, I had to walk just 3-4 minutes down the road to my car.  I had my brolly, but the rain just drove in underneath it and I was soaked to the skin.  And then, as if that wasn't bad enough, when I put my brolly down to get into my car, it dripped all over my head!  What's the point of that?

Half the roads were under water, as well.  There was a huge great puddle on The Embankment and another one in Forder Valley.  Blummin hideous, it is!

Please can we have summer back now?
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So, it's just 10 degrees outside, it's raining so hard that half the roads in Plymouth are flooded, and last night we needed the central heating on.

Welcome to "summer" in the south west of England...

*kicks it*
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Finally, we have some hot weather!!  And on a weekend as well - miracles will never cease!

I'm just on a quick break from some hard sunbathing to print off details of the hotel where we're staying tonight and I thought I'd update this at the same time.

We're off to Bath later this afternoon, as it's time for Somerset's annual game there.  This year, we're playing Worcestershire.  They're bottom of the 40 league having lost all their games so far.  We're top, having won all of ours.  What's the beginning we get a pasting?  Still, whatever the result it should be a good day out in the sunshine, and best of all, Harriet is coming along so we'll have great company as well!

And now I'm going to make myself a sandwich and return to the sunbathing.  Huzzah!
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Hurrah for Friday!!!

But boo for the rain!!!

However, the forecast for tomorrow in Taunton promises sunny intervals and a balmy 16 degrees so it's not all bad news. Of course, that's if they've got it right this time...

England are in the T20 World Cup final! How awesome is that? We'll find out later on today whether it's Australia or Pakistan in the final. Exciting stuff, though!

Also exciting is the fact that Jos Buttler scored 144 in the game against Hampshire. He's looking a more than able replacement for Craig while he's away with England!

Volcano permitting, I'm going on holiday in eight weeks' time. So I've decided that I have to get back on the Slimming World plan from Monday. My clothes are all getting tight again now and I'm damned if I'm buying bigger ones, so I have to get back on it and I havae to stick with it. My aim will be to lose a stone and a half in the time between now and the holiday, and I know that if I stick to it and get a nice lot of exercise I can do that. *nods firmly*

Angry Birds continues to be both wonderfully addictive and hideously annoying. And I keep getting the music stuck in my head. I've been going around singing it. I think I have officially now lost the plot. If indeed I ever had the plot in the first place...

Anyway, that's me. Time to get some work done now, I think! Have a good Friday, everyone!
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Blummin flip, but it's cold this morning!

And Tony's just told me that in Glenholt there was a frost first thing! An actual frost! With frosty bits and everything! In May! What's that all about, then?

I'm just going to go and get a hot chocolate from the vending machine and attempt to warm up, I think.
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Right, so... The weekend.

It was a bit of a stonker, as it goes.

I woke on Saturday morning following a dream in which I ran into Darren Anderton walking down the A379 towards town, wearing a flowery dress, flowery tights, suspenders and peep toed sandals. He had red nail polish on his toenails, quite neatly applied as well.

So that was how my day started.

I then got up and had a spot of breakfast before bundling Teh Dogge into the car and heading off to Loe Bar down in south west Cornwall, via Sticker. I'd planned to go into the stop in Sticker to get some actual stickers for [ profile] me_unabridged but this plan was foiled by the fact that the shop there didn't sell actual stickers. I did get something, though, so it wasn't a completely wasted detour.

When we got to Loe Bar and parked up, the first thing I noticed as I stepped out of the car was how still the air was and how incredibly warm it was. I'd taken both a fleece and a rain jacket, but needed neither and walked the entire route in just my jeans and t-shirt. Total bliss! After I'd noticed those two things, I then noticed how loud the sea was. A glance over in its direction told me that was because the waves were just massive - the biggest I've ever seen. The noise they made when they broke was like thunder, it was just breathtaking. When I got to the beach at Loe Bar I realised why - the beach apparently shelves very steeply, thus causing these large waves.

We walked along the cliff path to the beach and then Dexter had a swim in the pool there at the back of the beach before we headed up and followed a path around the side of the pool towards Penrose House and back via the lanes. We were walking for about 2 hours in all, it was really lovely.

On the drive home I decided to nip through Redruth and pick up the A30. It used to take me a minimum of 90 minutes to drive back from the big roundabout at Truro, but now the road has been turned into a dual carriageway over Goss Moor (which used to be such a bottleneck, especially when lorries crashed into the low railway bridge - which happened with alarming regularity), and also the A38 at Dobwalls is now a dual carriageway, and the trip took less than an hour. I love Cornwall, there are some amazing walks down there, but I haven't been much over the last few years because it always takes so long to get there. Now, though, it doesn't take anything like as long, so I'll definitely head down there more often!

On Saturday evening we had curry dings and some San Miguel and wine, which was delicious.

Then yesterday morning I got up and headed into town to get my hair done. I've had a mahogany colour put on it, and have had a bit of a fringe in as well. I'm really pleased with the result, she's done a cracking job! I also did a bit of shopping - two pairs of trousers and a few tops in Marksies. But I was good and stopped myeslf from getting the new Mo Hayder book in Waterstones - I'm going to see whether they have it in the library.

The rest of yesterday I spent doing some writing, and then in the evening I watched Dancing on Ice, which was entertaining.

And that was my weekend. I believe I promised photos earlier.

Here you go... )

On Saturday, it was so lovely and warm that I really did think spring was on the way. This evening, it's snowing (contrary to what that daft bint said on the weather forecast on Spotlight about it staying dry). Bloody weather!
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I nearly went arse over tit when walking Teh Dogge this evening, because the residual water from the rain/sleet/snow/hail that we've had today has now frozen solid on the pavements, leaving black ice everywhere. We'd been heading to the park but when my legs went from under me and I almost fell right down I decided against walking down the steep hill and we just went around the block instead. I am not looking forward to getting in the car and driving just after 6.00am tomorrow, that's for sure!

I haven't done a lot else today, apart from walking Dexter and doing my shopping. It's been another good old lazy Sunday.

I have however done some writing. I was set a target of 2,500 words for today and I'm currently on 2,392 so I'm going to do a bit more now before the Dancing on Ice skate off starts.

Oh, but before I go I must just say this - how shite is this Wild at Heart programme?
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I've not long since got back from walking Dexter down at Widewell Woods, and I took a few photos because there's still quite a lot of snow around.  This is so unusual for Plymouth.  Not only do we not often get any snow to speak of, but when we do, it's pretty much always gone the same day, or the next day at a push.  I really cannot remember a time when we still had snow on the ground three days after it had fallen, especially when it's been bright sunny sunshine for the past two days.  Apparently some more is forecast for tomorrow and Monday but I'm looking out of the window to see clear blue skies and more sunny sunshine and I cannot imagine tomorrow being any different! 

Anyway, enough of the words.

Have some photos! )


Jan. 5th, 2010 08:43 am
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It's snowing! In Plymouth! And not just on the outskirts either - in actual central Plymouth! Big, flat, fluffy flakes and everything! What's going on???

Global warming, my arse...
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I've just been to Somerfield to get a lemon and some San Miguel, and can you believe they have not only Creme Eggs for sale but also some kind of Kit Kat with an Easter theme. EASTER!!! For heaven's sake!

In other news, it's bloody cold outside and I would not be a bit surprised if we don't get out for our meal tonight because we have to walk there and I think it's going to be a tad slippery. Damn!
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This was the view which greeted me when I woke this morning...

Yes, we have had actual snow in Plymouth! Who'd have thunk it? Not me, that's for sure! I know it's not much - perhaps half a centimetre - but it's more than we normally get so I was very excited about it! Dexter didn't like it quite so much. We went for a walk and I noticed on the way back that he appeared to be limping, and when we got home I realised it was because the snow had balled up under his paws and turned into little blocks of ice, so that's why he couldn't walk properly. Poor little chap!

The snow is now beginning to melt because the sun's shining. It doesn't feel as cold as it did yesterday, which is good, although apparently it's going to freeze overnight. I'm just hoping that where the snow has melted has a chance to dry out before it freezes, otherwise everything's going to be very slippery tomorrow morning. *frets*
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You know when you have a prawn cocktail and it's got that dark sprinkly stuff on it? What's that called, please?

I'm doing prawns with avocado tonight and then a chicken supreme with rice. Yummy!!

I went to Tesco this morning to get all the ingredients and to get the pheasant for tomorrow's dinner, and stopped en route because there was a lady sitting on the ground. She said she'd slipped but was very insistent that she was alright, despite me and a taxi driver who'd also stopped asking her if she needed a hand up, and it was all rather odd to be honest. She was gone by the time I got back, anyway. I was back later than I'd expected due to a bint at the petrol station. There was a bit of a queue and she was in front of me, and there were two cars in front of her, one at each pump. The car at the second pump finished first and pulled away, and she then moved forward slightly but before she could get out, the one at the front pump also finished and pulled away. I expected her to drop forwards so I could get to the second pump, but no - she didn't even realise the other car had gone and she just bumbled around, filling her car up and then going into the kiosk to pay, all the time effectively holding up both pumps. I could have been annoyed but in the end I just laughed at her, as did the bloke in the BMW next to me. I especially laughed when I saw her bumper sticker, which said "Cornwall Cornish". Kind of said it all, really!

I mentioned in my earlier post but mum had a phone call to say that my Auntie Margaret died yesterday. She'd had a stroke eight years ago and had never gone home again, poor thing. I hadn't seen her for a long time as we're not really a close family, but I do have fond memories of her from when I was a child. I hope she's at peace with her Peter now, anyway.

The weather's gone wrong again. We've got sub-zero temperatures forecast over the course of the weekend and sleet is forecast for Monday. Yuck!

And that's me up to date, I think. If I don't get a chance to update again this evening, I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve and that 2010 brings you all health and happiness.
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Our local rag isn't always the best at getting stories right, but in tonight's issue they've really excelled themselves.

They've done a review of the year, and in February, they've mentioned the fact that "Heavy snow blanketed the city...". Um... Which part of Plymouth was that, then? Because actually, we were about the only place which didn't get any snow! They got some on Dartmoor, they got some in Cornwall, and they got some in the eastern parts of the county, but we most definitely escaped it in Plymouth. I know this because I was one of just a few people keeping our firm's work ticking over on that day, while everyone else got a free day off.

Quality journalism from the Herald, there...
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A website...

This is an awesome website. I can't remember how I first happened upon it, but it's one of my 'must visit each day' sites, and it makes me laugh out loud almost every day.

In other news, it is now Christmas Eve (in case that had escaped anyone's notice). I've had a busy old day, as well. I had a bit of a lie-in this morning whilst tsking at the news that Chappers is leaving Scott Mills' show (oh, and the PR4L read out the text I sent in yesterday about it being Christmas Eve Eve and how that's even more cool when you know someone called Eve because then you can say "It's Christmas Eve Eve, Eve!"), and then I had to head off to Marksies to collect this year's turkey. On my first attempt at leaving the house, I got to the top of the path and realised that although the roads were ice-free, the pavements were still covered in a thick layer of the stuff, and a hesitant toe poke down on the surface sent my foot skidding sideways and I decided that attempting to walk to my car would not be A Good Idea. What was A Good Idea, though, was table salt. I picked my way carefully back down the path and got the tub of salt from the kitchen cupboard, and then went back up and sprinkled a trail of it from the top of our path to the grass verge, thus enabling me to get out onto the road and to my car. Genius! Salt melts ice. Who'd have thunk it? Not the local Council, it seems - not a single one of the pavements had been gritted and people were going everywhere. I kept expecting to see Torvill and Dean going by... Oh, and yesterday was just as bad. Apparently Russ off of Facilities was on his hands and knees sliding down his road because it was the only way to get to the bottom without falling down, and Laraine got stranded on her way up Royal Parade because all around her was sheet ice and she couldn't go anywhere. Nightmare!

Anyway, I'm digressing. Turkey lurkey. So yes, I got to M&S and found a space straight away. They didn't have any cauliflower cheese but a very helpful member of staff told me how to make it (apparently you heat up some milk, thicken it with flour and then add cheese), but I decided to take my chances at Tesco and see whether they had any. I had to queue a while to get my turkey and I was a bit anxious because there was this couple stood off to the side who were moaning because they'd ordered their turkey and it hadn't got there for some reason. So I wasn't sure whether they'd have mine! The lady in front of me didn't get hers (it seems it was the free range whole ones which were causing problems) but they were offering her an alternative as I got mine. And the dear lady behind, when I confessed to being relieved to have my turkey) said that she had a freezer full of things like turkeys, geese and ducks (I don't know whether she lives in a cash and carry or something) and she'd have been prepared to let me have one of those if needs be, because she doesn't like seeing people go without. How sweet?

But I got my turkey and so that was all good, and then I nipped up to Tesco and managed to get some actual cauliflower cheese (no carrot batons though so I've had to buy proper carrots!), and I also got mum's Just Brazils, which are her Christmas present from Teh Dogge, a couple more bottles of wine, a French stick and some more San Miguel. I did forget to get myself some port and I'd planned on getting my next lot of contact lenses but also forgot them, but that's okay because I don't really need either just yet.

When I got home it was still too icy to walk Dexter anywhere, and so I set to work on tidying my room. It took a while, but it's done now and it looks so much better. I want to have a proper tidy out at some point and wash down the inside of the windows and all the surfaces as well, but I couldn't be arsed to do it all today. I then had a spot of lunch (duck and orange pate on toast - delicious) and then Dexter finally got his walk. I was glad I'd left it a long time because even by mid-afternoon there was still so much ice around. The path which leads down to the park had a huge patch of black ice in the middle which caught Dexter out when he tried running across it, and his legs almost went out from under him! I stuck to the edge of the path and held onto the railing, and then when I got to the bottom I walked on the grass and just hung around while Dexter took himself around the park.

After coming back home I had a slice of coffee and walnut cake which mum had kindly bought at Lifton yesterday when she met up with Auntie Elsie, Tony and Ellen, and then read for about five minutes before dozing off in the conservatory.

And now I'm back indoors, and am going to have a mug of tea and do some more reading before getting ready to go out for our Christmas Eve meal. This year, we're off to The Positano - I can't wait!

And that's my Christmas Eve so far!
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A talent of mine...

I'm not good at blowing my own trumpet but I would list the following as possible talents:

1. I'm not too shabby at cooking.

2. I'm a pretty good driver (I should not have put that, should I - talk about tempting fate...)

3. Some people seem to like some of the stuff I write.

4. I can touch type accurately at rather a quick rate.

And I think that's it.

In other news, Widewell was ludicrously icy this morning but I managed to get to my car and de-ice it ([ profile] me_unabridged - I used the little ice scraper you bought me last year!), and then I got out to the main road without too much drama. I had planned on turning left at the traffic lights as that's a bus route and therefore more likely to have been gritted but a fire engine and some traffic cones had other ideas and had for some reason blocked the road off, so instead of nipping up there, I had to go all the way down to the bottom of Southway and then back up Tamerton Foliot Road before getting onto the A386 at Crownhill. It was -1 according to my car's temperature doobry. MINUS ONE! That's less than zero! Colder than freezing! WTF??? This is Plymouth, it's not supposed to happen here!! *stomps angrily*

Dexter is still at Happy Hounds, but I'm picking him up on the way home from work. Mum and I had planned on doing the Christmas food shopping this evening, but she's had a dodgy stomach since yesterday morning and so I think we're now going to do it on Wednesday instead. I think I'm getting let out from work at 4.30pm so that should give us plenty of time.

I need to update about the trip to Londinium, but I may run out of time if I start it now, so that'll have to wait until I get in from work. Soz.
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I'm back from my trip Oop North, and I had a fantastic time once again. I'll do a longer post about it all this evening as I only have five minutes left of my lunch break now.

Winter is definitely upon us. The amber warning light was on in my car this morning and looking at the forecast for the remainder of the week, I'm thinking I may even get to see the red one! Eek! I just hope it doesn't snow when I'm in London next weekend!

What else did I want to say...? Ooh, I know! Ryan Giggs. WTF? Okay, give the bloke a lifetime achievement award, but sports personality of the past twelve months? Bonkers! Still, at least it meant Twat Button didn't win. Ha!

Okay, there was other stuff I was going to ramble about but now it's 2.00pm and so it's time to get back to work. Here's hoping I stay awake until 5.15pm...

oh dear

Dec. 6th, 2009 12:38 pm
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I suspect that this morning might be the last time mum ever offers to do me a favour. She said she'd take Dexter down to the ford for a walk while I went to Tesco, and I guess she's probably on her way back up now. Only trouble is, despite the sunny intervals which were forecast for today, it has been absolutely chucking it down for the last 45 minutes or so. I think she's going to be soaked through and I doubt very much that she'll be in a good mood when she gets back. And Dexter's going to spend the afternoon stinking the house out, as well...


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