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I must post about the absolute joy which was this Sunday's episode of Top Gear.  It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time.  Basically, they had to make an electric car.  Clarkson was working on the outer shell, Hammond was doing the chassis and the battery was James May's responsibility.  The car was duly built and was named Geoff.  It was a little on the square side and had a sort of bubble thing on the top which Richard Hammond popped his head into when they were driving along.  He looked like a cross between the Pope in his Pope-mobile and someone who'd gone into the human marmot den thing at Paignton Zoo.  Anyway, they took Geoff out but he didn't do so well and after holding up half of Oxford and taking a detour down the A34 he ended up rolling down a grassy bank and dying.  So they built another one, which they called Hammerhead something or other.  This one had to go through all the road tests, and that's when the tears really started.  They dressed themselves up as crash test dummies, complete with little circles on their faces, and got into the car ready for the first test.  At this point, they realised they didn't particularly want to sit in the car as it crashed into the wall at 35mph and so they pretended.  They slowed themselves down and made like they were in a crash and then sped it up to make it look more "realistic".  The next test was the side impact one, and what they did with that was they put the big bashy thing at the side of the car and then lifted it up, and played it backwards.  It probably loses a fair amount in the translation, but it really was stonking.

The weather's gone wrong again.  We've got rain and gale force winds here, and if the shed roof doesn't go tonight I will be very amazed indeed.

Teh Dogge's having a lovely evening.  He's had loads of gravy and veg from tonight's casserole and he absolutely wolfed it down, and now he's waiting for the chicken I've cooked up for tomorrow's lunch to cool off before he gets a bit of that.  Bless him.

I'm having a telly night tonight.  I've already watched Eggheads (which came complete with a builder wearing a suit and bad hair) and now we're onto Escape to the Country (no Jules - booooo).  I'm going to see if we can watch Life afterwards, [ profile] slooj has told me to look out for a freaky mole...  And then it'll be an early night, although with the hurricane outside I'm not sure how much sleep's going to be had...


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