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I forgot to do this yesterday (I'm blaming the wine) so here are two photos today.

This first one is of a little ornament we have on our patio. The little bowl always fills with rainwater, and for some reason Dexter always drinks from it, rather than drinking the clean tap water which is in his bowls indoors. He's not been able to do this for a while though - the water has been frozen solid since before Christmas!

And this one is of a blackbird who was perched on Ted and Eileen's tree earlier on. I didn't think he'd stay still long enough for me to get my camera and open the door, but he did! There have been a few blackbirds around the past few days, but I can't hear them singing properly yet. I'm looking forward to them starting up!

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Today's photo is of something that's made me happy today (the ending of which I predicted with quite uncanny accuracy at lunchtime!).

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I'm cheating a bit on this one, as it's one that mum took earlier on, of the back garden...

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Well, there's only one subject for today. This is the view from our patio doors right now...

Now, before any of you laugh, I know that's not a lot of snow really. However, for Plymouth, it's lots and lots and lots and we're already worrying about when the provisions will run out! I am hoping that it will all be gone by morning but the forecast isn't looking good. Time will tell...
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This is the book I'm reading at the minute. I normally love Dean Koontz and I've enjoyed the other Odd Thomas books but for some reason I'm really struggling to get into this one. I rarely give up on books though, so I shall persevere for a bit longer yet in the hope that it might get interesting eventually!
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Today's photo is of the view from my spot on the sofa, which is somewhere I'm not planning on moving from for the next few hours (apart from going to the kitchen for the odd drink or two or three).

And I should have done this either yesterday or the day before, but I'm onto day 30 of the 30 things in 30 days meme, which is another "whatever tickles your fancy" thing. Today, for no raeson other than that it popped into my head, I'm going to talk about the time I thought I saw a ghost.

Mum and I used to keep horses - she had a chestnut mare called Spice and at the time this happened I had a bay coloured mare called Minstrel on winter loan from a local riding stables. I didn't drive back then and so there were times when I was alone up at the stables doing all the mucking out and/or settling in for the night and then someone would come and collect me. The stable block was a large building with rows of stables on either side of a central corridor and two tack rooms on either side at the far end, which doors that opened inwards onto the corridor. On this particular night, I was up there alone, waiting for my lift. It was a cold night some time in winter, and it was all dark and horrible outside so I decided to wait inside the stable block for my lift. I was stood down near to the bottom end of the block, by Spice's stable, when I glanced up towards where the tack room doors were open and saw what I can only describe as a grey, misty shape go floating across from one side of the building to the other. "Oh shit, I've just seen a ghost" were my first thoughts, closely followed by "I hope my lift arrives really soon!". I managed to not be too scared though because none of the horses appeared to be agitated and so I thought that if they were okay with the spirit's presence then it must be a nice spirit and not a nasty ass one. I was just getting all chilled about it and actually quite excited that I'd finally managed to see a real live ghost, when General, one of the other horses who lived there at the time, exhaled and I watched his breath vapour float from one side of the building to the other... I was quite disappointed, to be honest. And I still never have seen a ghost!
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This was the view which greeted me when I woke this morning...

Yes, we have had actual snow in Plymouth! Who'd have thunk it? Not me, that's for sure! I know it's not much - perhaps half a centimetre - but it's more than we normally get so I was very excited about it! Dexter didn't like it quite so much. We went for a walk and I noticed on the way back that he appeared to be limping, and when we got home I realised it was because the snow had balled up under his paws and turned into little blocks of ice, so that's why he couldn't walk properly. Poor little chap!

The snow is now beginning to melt because the sun's shining. It doesn't feel as cold as it did yesterday, which is good, although apparently it's going to freeze overnight. I'm just hoping that where the snow has melted has a chance to dry out before it freezes, otherwise everything's going to be very slippery tomorrow morning. *frets*
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A few of us are doing this, I think. I'm going to attempt to post a picture a day every day for the next twelve months. Obviously sometimes that will prove impossible if I'm away for example, but I will try to do catch up posts when I get back so hopefully by the end of 2010 you'll have seen 365 of my photos.

Anyway, without further ado here's today's photo, which I took of the pheasant we ate for lunch, just before he went in the oven...

And... Day 29 of the 30 days meme.

My hopes, dreams and plans for the next twelve months...

My hope is that I, my family and friends all have a happy and healthy year.

Dreams for the year... Well, I always dream for my Somerset boys to have a good season and this year I'm hoping for a bit of silverware... *crosses fingers*

As for plans - I have a few! I'm planning on joining a new gym tomorrow and then I'm going to be exercising five times a week. I'm also planning on getting back into Slimming World properly and I want to lose four stone over the next twelve months, starting from Monday. I am also planning on doing a lot more writing this year, and am aiming for a minimum of 5,000 words per week. Other plans I have include a holiday to Italy at Easter, another holiday to Mallorca in July and hopefully a trip to America in October, but nothing's booked there yet. And of course there will be the usual cricketty days out, as well as visits to London, Seaham and Manchester. BRING IT ON!


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