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This has tickled me this morning. Not the story so much, but the photo that the Herald has chosen to go with it. Pure class!
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Google Street View is launching in Plymouth on Thursday! I'm really excited about this! I'm dying to see what the outside of my house looks like!


Jan. 21st, 2010 08:42 pm
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About five miles from where our house is as the crow flies, is a village called Wotter.

In this village is a farm and at this farm is a barn.

In this barn is stored some 15 tonnes of fertiliser and various other gubbins.

Ordinarily, this doesn't cause us any issues, but sadly this afternoon the barn caught fire and the fire is still going strong. The fire brigade are there, but they can't get in close in case the fertiliser explodes.

Nearby villages are either already evacuated or about to be, due to the risk of explosion and/or a toxic cloud.

I think it's a given that I'll be keeping my windows closed tonight, just in case. Because I don't know about you guys, but I don't really fancy the idea of a toxic cloud invading my personal space, and we all know what Dexter thinks of things that are toxic as well...

In other news, I have my health MOT at 7.00am tomorrow morning. Oh, that's going to be fun...
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Our local rag isn't always the best at getting stories right, but in tonight's issue they've really excelled themselves.

They've done a review of the year, and in February, they've mentioned the fact that "Heavy snow blanketed the city...". Um... Which part of Plymouth was that, then? Because actually, we were about the only place which didn't get any snow! They got some on Dartmoor, they got some in Cornwall, and they got some in the eastern parts of the county, but we most definitely escaped it in Plymouth. I know this because I was one of just a few people keeping our firm's work ticking over on that day, while everyone else got a free day off.

Quality journalism from the Herald, there...


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