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Hurrah for Friday!!!

But boo for the rain!!!

However, the forecast for tomorrow in Taunton promises sunny intervals and a balmy 16 degrees so it's not all bad news. Of course, that's if they've got it right this time...

England are in the T20 World Cup final! How awesome is that? We'll find out later on today whether it's Australia or Pakistan in the final. Exciting stuff, though!

Also exciting is the fact that Jos Buttler scored 144 in the game against Hampshire. He's looking a more than able replacement for Craig while he's away with England!

Volcano permitting, I'm going on holiday in eight weeks' time. So I've decided that I have to get back on the Slimming World plan from Monday. My clothes are all getting tight again now and I'm damned if I'm buying bigger ones, so I have to get back on it and I havae to stick with it. My aim will be to lose a stone and a half in the time between now and the holiday, and I know that if I stick to it and get a nice lot of exercise I can do that. *nods firmly*

Angry Birds continues to be both wonderfully addictive and hideously annoying. And I keep getting the music stuck in my head. I've been going around singing it. I think I have officially now lost the plot. If indeed I ever had the plot in the first place...

Anyway, that's me. Time to get some work done now, I think! Have a good Friday, everyone!


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