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Level 15 of Angry Birds is doing my head in. I can get the outer towers to fall down and I've been able to squish the pigs on the right and the left, but I can't get to that big bugger in the middle and it's so incredibly annoying!

Also incredibly annoying was the cricket last night. England posted a stonking total but due to some poor bowling in the first two overs, a lot of rain and those bastards Duckworth and Lewis, the West Indies actually won by eight wickets. Just ridiculous. Hopefully we'll beat Ireland fair and square tonight and go through anyway. But even so... Tsk.

In other news, I'm going back to work tomorrow - huzzah!

And I'm going to endeavour to be productive and spend this morning writing. Re-doing this fic is a mammoth project and I need to get cracking!
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Missing: My life

Last seen: Downloading Angry Birds from the App Store this morning.

Is there any cure for this, does anyone know?

iPhone love

May. 1st, 2010 03:43 pm
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Just when I thought my iPhone couldn't get any more awesome...

I decided to set up iTunes on my laptop and set up a few new playlists on it.  I managed to work out how to copy over some albums from my iTunes library on the desktop, and now I've put them onto the phone.  And not only does it do a really easy shuffle within a playlist (which I LOVE because I get bored with hearing the same tracks in the same order each time), but it'll play them on the actual speaker, so I don't need to take along an additional set of speakers each time I go away!

My iPhone really does rock!!



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