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We won, we won!!!

*loves Eoin Morgan*
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Is it my imagination, or have England not yet taken their batting powerplay - again?

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I think it's fair to say that this has been a pretty awesome weekend.

Yesterday we headed up to Taunton for our game against Sussex, which was on Sky. We don't always do so well on Sky or against Sussex, so we weren't expecting an easy game. And when Sussex posted a score of 291, we really thought we were up against it. We didn't get off to the best start - we were 23-1 and then 23-2, but Marcus batted really well and made a half century before getting out, which left us 87-3 and well behind the required rate. And when Zander got out long long after, we were in trouble. But after that, it was the Jos and Hildy show. They were just so awesome. They put on a total of 158 between them and Jos ended up getting 69 off 53, while Hildy made 100 from just 66 balls. I was using my phone to check the required run rate (because I'm sad like that) and with about 10 overs to go, we needed 8.5. Then, it was down to 7.5. Then, just below 7. Then, 6. Then 5, and so on and so on. Hildy was in the high 90s for a while and I'm sure the reason Pete got out was that he was trying so hard not to score a boundary because it would have meant the end of the game and he wanted him to get a century, and then Damien Wright blocked a few shots so that Hildy had the strike again, and he ended up 100 not out and we won by 4 wickets. That's all 4 of our one day games we've won now - fantastic! We're at Bath against Worcestershire next weekend - I'm just trying to find a hotel in central Bath that allows dogs and has parking so that we can go!

The only downside of yesterday's game was that it was Damien Wright's last game. He's been with us while we were waiting for Murali Kartik to join, and he's done a really good job with the ball and has scored handy runs down the order. And he seems a really nice bloke, as well. So I'm sorry to see him go, but Murali Kartik is now here, and hopefully he'll do a good job for us. I'd love to see Wright back at some point, though.

The weather was kind yesterday as well. We sat in the Marcus Trescothick stand and although it was cool when the sun went around behind the apartments, when we were in the sun it was really pleasant and half of my face is a bit sunburnt because we didn't put any lotion on - whoops!

We had a good trip back from Taunton and then had something of an indoor picnic consisting of cheese sarnies, crisps, chocolate, beer and wine whilst catching up on some stuff on Sky+. Good times!

Anyway, that was yesterday...

This morning I had a proper lie-in. I woke briefly at around 7.00am but then went back to sleep until gone 9.00am and I didn't actually climb out of bed until just gone 11.00am! Shocking!

After walking Teh Dogge (in the rain - boo) I had to face the madness that is Tesco on a Sunday morning, and then I watched a bit of Leicestershire v Scotland before the T20 World Cup Final started.

We won the toss and bowled first and started off so well, but then the Aussies came back into it and Cameron White and David Hussey got them right back into it. If someone had said to me before the game that we'd be chasing 148 to win I'd have taken that, but having had them at 8-3 and 45-4, I was wondering if we'd let it slip a little. I shouldn't have worried though. Lumb went quite cheaply but then Craig and KP put on an awesome partnership and even though they both got out, England won with relative ease. (I can say that now - I wasn't relaxed at the time, though!). Craig top scored with 63 and was man of the match, and we won by 7 wickets with 3 overs to spare. Awesome stuff. Seriously, just awesome! I am so, so chuffed and so proud of how Craig has performed for England in this tournament. Great things await him, of that I'm sure!

With apologies in advance to the Aussies on my f-list, I must just say this. When Australia beat Pakistan in the semi-final on Friday I was really disappointed but now I'm glad we had them in the final because it makes the win that much more satisfying!

So that was my weekend. I am now going to spend the rest of the evening drinking wine, eating a chocolate tart and watching Junior Apprentice.

All together now... HUZZAH!!!!!!
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Level 15 of Angry Birds is doing my head in. I can get the outer towers to fall down and I've been able to squish the pigs on the right and the left, but I can't get to that big bugger in the middle and it's so incredibly annoying!

Also incredibly annoying was the cricket last night. England posted a stonking total but due to some poor bowling in the first two overs, a lot of rain and those bastards Duckworth and Lewis, the West Indies actually won by eight wickets. Just ridiculous. Hopefully we'll beat Ireland fair and square tonight and go through anyway. But even so... Tsk.

In other news, I'm going back to work tomorrow - huzzah!

And I'm going to endeavour to be productive and spend this morning writing. Re-doing this fic is a mammoth project and I need to get cracking!
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If anyone was listening to Chris Moyles early doors this morning and heard him read out a text from Janine in Plymouth, who's having pizza for dinner tonight, that was me!

In other news, Alastair Cook needs a haircut. And the England selectors need a good kicking for not selecting Tredwell.

Here at work, we have TV screens in the office which show news headlines and adverts for training courses and the like, and at the top it has a little scrolling bar with local headlines on it. This morning, one of them is "psychic show is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances". *giggles*

And finally, it is Friday. Huzzah!
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I've had a proper lazy day today.

I got up at around 9.45am and had a bite of breakfast before walking Dexter. Then I read for quite a while, until I could feel myself getting ready to doze off. So I then got myself up and nipped off to Tesco to do my weekly shop (back on the healthy stuff again tomorrow), and then went down to M&S to get a stuffed salmon thing for tonight's dinner (which we've just eaten) and a very naughty KFC for lunch. And then this afternoon I did a bit more reading, watched some old episodes of Escape to the Country (I'm getting rather obsessed with this show, which is a tad worrying because it's making me want to escape to the country myself and sadly can't afford to), and then I walked Dexter again before coming back, reading some more, and then cooking and eating dinner whilst watching Ski Sunday.

And now we're watching Dancing on Ice, but I'm on delay so no spoilers please!

I'm planning on getting up early doors to do some exercise before work tomorrow, but I can't decide whether to just go to the gym, just go for a swim or do a bit of both. Decisions, decisions...

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering - I'm not mentioning the cricket because I have nothing constructive to say about it, except this... Why do England show you a bit of how good they can be and then always go and spoil it by being crap, and how do some of the Saffas sleep at night?

Right. Time to watch some ice skating. And to drink some wine. Good stuff!
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So, England are 5 wickets down with one session remaining and there's a (very slim) outside chance of a draw after all.

It won't happen, though. I just know it won't. There'll be a massive batting collapse any minute now and we'll be left with Swann and Bunny Onions trying to bat out the last 30-odd overs or however long is left in the day.

I wouldn't mind so much if we just went and lost it. I can cope with losing. It's the hope I can't stand!
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Well, today's been my last day off - it's back to work tomorrow.

I've made the most of it - I didn't get out of bed until nearly 10.00am and then I spent the majority of the day just lounging around watching the cricket. It was an entertaining day's play - pretty much honours even at the minute, I'd say. If only Swann had held that catch though... *sighs*

Comedy moment of the day came at the Theatre of Comedy where Leeds stuffed Man United 1-0 and knocked them out of the FA Cup. Awesomeness!

The snow has mostly gone now. There are a couple of patches still here and there, though. It's been bitterly cold all day though, and now there's a wind blowing a hooly, but I'm at least hoping that'll keep the ice at bay for the morning.

I'm back on the Slimming World plan from tomorrow, and I'm going to be joining the gym which is near to the office as well. I'd planned on going there to look around and then (hopefully) register yesterday, but because it was all snowy and icy everywhere I didn't go in the end. But I may nip in one evening this week after work, or if not then I'll go next Saturday and get it sorted. I have a nice lot of vouchers to use at Waterstones so I can do that at the same time.

We had a lovely meal out at Millstones last night. It was a bit scary getting there and back but it was worth it. I had pate to start and then chicken stuffed with crab and in a white wine sauce, followed by a luxury chocolate torte. It was all washed down with some very nice Chablis and then we had a couple of gin and tonics when we got home as well. Happy days!

And that's me up to date for now, I think!
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I've been feeling slightly delicate today after far too many boozes yesterday. I didn't get up out of my bed until around 11.00am, and have been taking it easy since then, apart from having to go out and walk Teh Dogge. I've mostly enjoyed watching the cricket - Smith and Kallis were going far too well for a while but then Swann got Kallis and Smith got out soon after in a comedy run-out, and Duminy has gone as well. Tomorrow should be interesting!

Christmas Day was lovely! I got up at around half 8 and then we had smoked salmon mousse for breakfast, washed down with some Moet, before starting the present opening. I got loads of really brilliant presents - huge thanks to [ profile] me_unabridged and [ profile] composim for the gifts, I'm really chuffed with everything! *hugs*

After opening the presents it was almost time for lunch, which turned out very well indeed. We then went for a short walk down into Widewell Woods, but we didn't dare venture any further because there was still quite a lot of ice around (but not quite as much as Christmas Eve).

We then vegged out on the sofa and I rang Chen for a chat and also spoke to Kate, Martyn and Megan on the phone. And then I cooked far too much food for the evening and we ate quite a lot of that while drinking lots of beer and wine and gin and tonic before finally falling into bed close to midnight.

Apart from lounging around and feeling ropey whilst watching the cricket, today I have been given a huge shock by Plymouth Argyle who, having not scored so much as a single goal since 7th November, went and won away at Cardiff. Unbelievable, Geoff!

I don't go back to work until Tuesday so I still have another couple of days off after today. I haven't got anything planned though - it depends really on what the weather's doing. Hopefully I'll manage to get out for at least one nice walk though, and I'm also hoping to do some writing - huzzah!
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Well, after Sunday's excellent performance it looks like normal service has been resumed with England and we're currently in the process of losing to the Saffas. In fact, as I type this, another wicket has gone. Bye bye, Colly. I don't think I'll be watching the end, somehow... He's walking off now and his hair's gone right up in the air. It looks ever so funny!

I'm getting my nails done tomorrow morning and I cannot wait. I've gone four weeks this time and they're getting really long so it's going to be good to have them taken down a bit!

Other than that, I have no plans for the weekend. I'm meant to be cooking tomorrow night but I don't know whether I'll make something healthy or whether I'll get a ding. I'll see how I feel, I think. There may be wine involved, though.

One thing I'm definitely going to be doing over the course of the weekend is some writing. I've given up on my NaNoWriMo effort and am writing something else now, which I'm much preferring.

That's to do later, though. Right now, I'm going to catch up on tonight's Eggheads and then I have two episodes of Escape to the Country to watch. Rock 'n' Roll!

quiet day

Nov. 22nd, 2009 04:31 pm
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I haven't done much today, apart from watch England give South Africa a bit of a pasting.  Which was nice.

However, I do have news.  And that news is that I've pretty much got next summer's holiday sorted.  And you'll never guess where we're going... ;-) 

Yup, we're off back to Cala d'Or again for a fortnight.  We go on 10th July because going a week later meant we'd only miss one game as opposed to two or three if we'd gone the weekend before.  And we're staying in the exact same apartment as last year, so it'll be like going home!  I'm just going to nip upstairs and grab my credit card, and then I can book the flights and the airport hotel.  Huzzah!


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