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Weather forecasts - what's the point of them?

All week, I've been checking the forecast for Taunton today and it's said it would be dry, warm and sunny.  All bloody week.  And now, on the day in question, that forecast has been revised somewhat and we're due to have a mixture of light rain and showers.  FFS!


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Because of the rain delay in Birmingham, they're currently showing the final day of that Edgbaston test, which I believe was exactly five years ago today.

It's still so stressful to watch, even though I know the outcome!
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I love the fact that Mark Cosgrove lists his toughest opponent as 'fitness trainer'.

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Awww, poor Toaster! :-(

Also, Glamorgan.  WTF? 

Shoddy bowling, shoddy fielding, and shoddy captaincy.  Just...  shoddy.
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I'd planned on updating this earlier on in the week but for some reason when I'm at work LJ wasn't allowing me to log in, and then by the time I got home, I'd kind of lost the enthusiasm. And then last night, I got as far as posting a link to a news story in Semagic and then dinner was ready and so that never got posted either. I will post that one tonight!

Anyway, this lunchtime I've been able to log in - huzzah! And so here's an updatey type thing!

Dexter had his operation this morning and mum has just phoned to say that the vet rang and he's fine. They've taken biopsies from both sides where his little sacs used to be, and because the vet is on holiday after tomorrow for a week, she's asked for the results to come back before she goes. That would suit me, because otherwise we won't know anything until after we get back from Mallorca, which is three weeks away! She also said she thought the lump had gone down, but she wasn't sure. They took an x-ray of his stomach to check his lymph glands and that was clear. And they've cut some mats out of the back of his ears. Oh, and they've also arrange a refund for the £50 we shelled out when I had to take him back on the Sunday after the dippy trout on the Saturday failed to spot what the actual problem was. He's awake again now but a bit woozy (although he is sitting up) and so mum has to ring again in a couple of hours to find out when we can fetch him home.

So that's Dexter. What else has been going on?

Oh, well it was a long time ago now but I had the most awesome time last weekend!

It started with a half-day off work on the Friday, and we went up to Taunton to watch Somerset v Sussex. I really didn't expect that we'd get anything out of that game because Sussex are so good, but we actually won by six wickets and with relative ease. It was brilliant! Also, for the second year running we found ourselves in the same hotel as the Sussex boys! We spotted a few of them, including Hodd, Keegan (complete with comedy hair), Smith and Martin-Jenkins, in the hotel's reception when we first arrived and then mum told them not to play too well. And it seems like they listened to her, hehe! We'd had lunch in Brazz beforehand and it was really filling so I wasn't all that hungry but we still headed off to Prezzo after the game and had a meal in there. I also had throughout the day quite a lot of lager, some wine and then gin and tonic back at the hotel, and so I wasn't surprised to wake on Saturday morning with something of a hangover!

Mum got up before me and made her way off to Swansea, where she had to go to some carnival or other in the afternoon, and then I very gingerly got myself moving and then caught the train up to Cardiff, where I met up with Chen and Sarah. We were at the SWALEC (which is actually pronounced 'SWALEC' and not 'SWALEC', as I'd previously thought) and we sat in the sunshine watching Glamorgan make fairly easy work of beating Middlesex. There was much perving (especially over Gareth Rees and Mark Wallace and Tyron Henderson with his shirt off), lots of flag waving, a huge amount of giggling and just lots and lots of fun. Oh, and there was also a fair amount of squeeing when Neil Dexter was forced to admit that he didn't really know what he was supposed to do with the team sheet at the toss. After the game, we went around to the reception and Scott Dynamo got his photo taken with a few of the Middlsex boys, including Tyron Henderson (now sadly wearing his shirt), Tim Murtagh (Chen had to hold his Prada sunglasses!) and Dawid Malan (who asked if they wanted him to "hold the teddy"). The only person who refused was Jamie Miserablepants Dalrymple, who announced in a very snooty voice "I'm sorry, I don't do photographs with bears". Wanker.

On Saturday night, Chen and Sarah made their way into central Cardiff and we had a huge meal at the Hard Rock Café before going to the hotel where I was staying and having a quick drink in there and then sadly it was time for them to leave.

On Sunday morning I treated myself to a stonking breakfast in my room (despite my promise the previous night that I was never going to be eating again - ever), and then hung around and did some writing before catching a train to Bristol. I found my hotel, which wasn't too far from the train station and spent some time lying under the air conditioning unit, cooling off, before making my way to the ground. Gloucestershire managed to beat Middlesex, but you wouldn't have known it from the crowd's reaction. Seriously, they're all so quiet! There's just no atmosphere there at all, it's a really strange place. Maybe Dalrymple should play there instead of at Glamorgan - they're all miserable enough for him, surely...

After the game I got a taxi back to the hotel and had a shower before going down to the restaurant and enjoying a cheese and ham toastie and some wine. I then got a relatively early night for once!

On Monday morning I once again had breakfast in my room (but it wasn't as nice as the one in Cardiff, which was a shame) and then did some writing and some reading before checking out of the hotel and making my way to a nearby park, where I sat in the sunshine and then, when the sun became too hot, I sat in the shade. All the time I was reading The Lost Daughter by Diane Chamberlain, which I think is my favourite book of the year so far.

After a while, I had to go off to get my train, which turned out to be delayed by about 25 minutes. I don't know why it was so late getting into Temple Meads, but then we lost even more time on the way down to Taunton because of a line-side fire, which was literally right next to the tracks! Eek!

But eventually I got there and mum fetched me from the station, and we went off to watch Somerset beat Glamorgan. At the time, I'd been a bit anxious and thought it was fairly close, but having watched the highlights last night, we actually won at a canter! We're now up into third spot so hopefully we can keep the wins coming and qualify for the quarter finals!

Since Monday I haven't done much apart from be at work, mostly sweltering due to the air conditioning failing, but today feeling a bit cold because it's now been fixed and the weather's gone wrong. I'm hoping this is no more than a temporary blip and that we'll soon be back to the balmy temperatures that I was so happily getting used to!

Anyway, that's me up to date. Time to go and do a bit more of that werk type stuff now, I think!
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We won, we won!!!

*loves Eoin Morgan*
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Is it my imagination, or have England not yet taken their batting powerplay - again?

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I was just on my way back from Somerfield when the nicest thing happened. I was driving along, thinking about whether to go to the gym on my way to work tomorrow, and then I remembered that tomorrow is in fact Sunday, and the gym thing is a decision that I can put off for another 24 hours! Huzzah!!!

I watched a shocking game of cricket earlier - Gloucestershire -v- Hampshire. Hampshire won in less than 8 overs, after Gloucestershire were all out for just 68 runs. It was just such bad batting - even worse than Somerset on a couple of occasions this season. I laughed. Actually, I laughed a lot. I especially laughed at Porterfield getting out because last night he was a horrible little cheat and didn't walk when the entire ground (apart from the umpires) saw that he was out.

I'm now going to watch Glamorgan -v- Essex, in Welsh. And I'm going to spend the evening eating the chicken dish which is cooking in the oven, drinking beer and wine, and eating a Belgian chocolate mousse type thing which mum bought me at Tesco earlier. Good times!
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Wow, what a game that was! After the batting collapse of Wednesday evening I didn't think we had much chance, and when Marcus and Nick Compton got out early doors, I thought our task was hopeless. But it ended up being the Zander and Kieron show - Kieron got 54 from 25 balls and Zander finished on 95 not out, off 49 balls! It was just awesome batting - a real treat! Oh, and Tregs took a stunning catch as well! Good times!!

We're just on the way home now - just past Haldon Hill, so another 40 minutes should hopefully do it. I'm tempted to have KFC when we get back to Plymouth...

One thing I will be having is a glass or two of wine, because beating Gloucestershire is something that must be celebrated!!

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Le sigh

Jun. 18th, 2010 06:25 pm
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So, Somerset have been set a target of 200. We are currently 49-2 off 5.5 overs. I think it's fair to say this isn't looking good...

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Oh noes!

Jun. 18th, 2010 04:24 pm
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They're playing that dreadful Black Eyed Peas song over the PA system. We always lose when they play that. Always.

Also, Steve Kirby is playing. *quakes*

Still, at least it's not raining - yet...

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I've just this minute sat down to watch Yorkshire v Lancashire, and must ask a question: What the fuck are Yorkshire wearing???

Also, I found out why Worcestershire are wearing the camouflage. It's because they're raising money for Help For Heroes. I won't laugh at them next time I see them, now that I know that.

Right. I do believe it's time for pizza and beer!!

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Following on from last night's confusion as to why Warwickshire were wearing those daft helmets, I am proud to announce that I have already sussed out the reason for Worcestershire's camouflage kit.  It's obviously, really.  They're wearing that because they're hoping that when they're out in the field, the batsmen won't spot the fielders and will hit it straight to them!  Simples!
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What's with these new Warwickshire helmets, then?  Are they after making themselves more aerodynamically efficient between the wicketss?
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I'm going on a trip at the end of the month!  A cricket trip!!

On Friday 25th June, I'll be in Taunton for our T20 game against Sussex. 

Friday night, I'll stay in Taunton and then on the Saturday morning I'm off to Cardiff to watch Glamorgan v Middlesex with Chen and Sarah. 

Saturday night will be spent in Cardiff, and then Sunday I'm off to Bristol for Gloucestershire v Middlesex.

Sunday night I'm in Bristol and then on the Monday I go back to Taunton for Somerset v Glamorgan.

So far, it's looking like I'll be a Billy No Mates at the Gloucestershire v Middlesex game, so if anyone wants to come along and keep me company, you'd be more than welcome!!
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Can I just say, I love Murali Kartik!  Even if his necklace does make me cringe.  We're doing pretty well in the Championship now, after a very dodgy start.  Let's hope it continues!  And let's hope we can put last week's T20 result behind us and get a win on Friday and again next Saturday!!

It's been a good day for cricket, actually.  England beat Bangladesh by a ludicrously big margin earlier on, after dismissing the entire team in just one session.  Good stuff!

Actually, it's been a good day for sport because Rafael Nadal and his sexy arms won the French Open.  Huzzah!!!

What else...?  Oh, my new iPod rocks.  I have bunged a load of episodes of Modern Family on it, together with some new playlists, and I was enjoying listening to it while I was cooking dinner (tuna quiche), but I don't think the neighbours were too appreciative when mum and I started singing along to Miley Cyrus!  Also, what's with her speaking voice?  She sounds like one of Marge Simpons's sisters!

Anyway, dinner's just about done so I'm going to go and dish that up and then spend the evening catching up with some Sky+ stuff, and maybe doing a bit of writing because I didn't do very much earlier on due to iPod excitement!
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I have a new iPod.  It's an iPod Classic and it's 160GB with 36 hours worth of battery life if you're listening to music.  It was £175 but I also got a £25 iTunes voucher and 2,000 Tesco Clubcard points.  Huzzah!!!

In other news, I have been to the hell that is Tesco on a Sunday morning and have stocked up with healthy food.  I MUST get back on the Slimming World plan before I go away to Mallorca in LESS THAN FIVE WEEKS' TIME, otherwise I will not fit into any of my clothes and I will make such a splash when I jump into the pool that all the water will come out.  Neither of these would be good things.

Also, Warwickshire need 312 to beat Somerset.  Which means it's squeaky bum time in our house!

Right, I'm now going to do some writing whilst waiting to see whether they get any play at Old Trafford today...


Jun. 4th, 2010 12:56 pm
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I'm on my lunch break and so I checked Somerset's scorecard. And I was slightly astonished to see that Arul Suppiah faced 56 balls before getting out, but scored only 2 runs.

Am I alone in thinking that's Not Very Good?
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Finally, we have some hot weather!!  And on a weekend as well - miracles will never cease!

I'm just on a quick break from some hard sunbathing to print off details of the hotel where we're staying tonight and I thought I'd update this at the same time.

We're off to Bath later this afternoon, as it's time for Somerset's annual game there.  This year, we're playing Worcestershire.  They're bottom of the 40 league having lost all their games so far.  We're top, having won all of ours.  What's the beginning we get a pasting?  Still, whatever the result it should be a good day out in the sunshine, and best of all, Harriet is coming along so we'll have great company as well!

And now I'm going to make myself a sandwich and return to the sunbathing.  Huzzah!
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Everyone makes mistakes, don't they. Even those who think they're completely perfect in all ways, make the odd error of judgement. I think there's even a phrase about it - "to err is human" or something like that.

But... Most people learn from their mistakes, and tend not to make the exact same one twice.

Not so Yorkshire CCC.

Let's do one of those wavy things for a minute that indicates passage of time...

Okay, so... Picture the scene - it's Friday, 3rd July 2009. Somerset and Yorkshire are playing the final day of their County Championship game at Taunton, the weather isn't too clever and there isn't a huge amount of time left in the day. It seems that the only result will be a draw. Yorkshire are in their second innings, and they decide to declare on 363-5, thus setting Somerset a seemingly unachievable target of 476 to win the game. No-one thought Somerset stood a chance of chasing that down, but chase it down they did, and pulled off a stunning victory that made me laugh and bounce and cheer a lot.

Now, fast forward to today. It's day four of the Championship game between Somerset and Yorkshire at Taunton, and Yorkshire are batting in their second innings and are on 333-4 when they decided they'd scored enough runs to make the game safe and decided to declare just before lunch. I'm assuming that they thought they might manage to take a few quick wickets and snatch the victory, but Somerset had other ideas and thanks to half centuries from Marcus and Nick Compton plus 93 from Mr de Bruyn and a 70 ball 102 not out from Hildy, Somerset pulled off another victory, this time by 6 wickets!! Oh, and special mention must go to Jos Buttler for his 31 off 17 balls. That lad is a star!

So after me deciding this morning that the game was definitely going to be a draw, I'm really rather chuffed to see that Yorkshire have managed to throw it away for the second season in succession. That's a pretty stonking way to get the first win of the season, I reckon!

Something else that's making me smile this evening is the promise of fish and chips for dinner. I texted mum this afternoon with the words "fish and chips...?" and she replied and said no, she'd put something in the crock pot this morning (she's been up at Auntie Elsie's today), but we could have fish and chips tomorrow instead. And then she texted again a while later to say she'd managed to flick off the power switch which controls the socket into which the crock pot was plugged, and so dinner hadn't even begun cooking. So we're having fish and chips tonight instead of tomorrow. Huzzah!!!


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