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I've been feeling slightly delicate today after far too many boozes yesterday. I didn't get up out of my bed until around 11.00am, and have been taking it easy since then, apart from having to go out and walk Teh Dogge. I've mostly enjoyed watching the cricket - Smith and Kallis were going far too well for a while but then Swann got Kallis and Smith got out soon after in a comedy run-out, and Duminy has gone as well. Tomorrow should be interesting!

Christmas Day was lovely! I got up at around half 8 and then we had smoked salmon mousse for breakfast, washed down with some Moet, before starting the present opening. I got loads of really brilliant presents - huge thanks to [ profile] me_unabridged and [ profile] composim for the gifts, I'm really chuffed with everything! *hugs*

After opening the presents it was almost time for lunch, which turned out very well indeed. We then went for a short walk down into Widewell Woods, but we didn't dare venture any further because there was still quite a lot of ice around (but not quite as much as Christmas Eve).

We then vegged out on the sofa and I rang Chen for a chat and also spoke to Kate, Martyn and Megan on the phone. And then I cooked far too much food for the evening and we ate quite a lot of that while drinking lots of beer and wine and gin and tonic before finally falling into bed close to midnight.

Apart from lounging around and feeling ropey whilst watching the cricket, today I have been given a huge shock by Plymouth Argyle who, having not scored so much as a single goal since 7th November, went and won away at Cardiff. Unbelievable, Geoff!

I don't go back to work until Tuesday so I still have another couple of days off after today. I haven't got anything planned though - it depends really on what the weather's doing. Hopefully I'll manage to get out for at least one nice walk though, and I'm also hoping to do some writing - huzzah!
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A website...

This is an awesome website. I can't remember how I first happened upon it, but it's one of my 'must visit each day' sites, and it makes me laugh out loud almost every day.

In other news, it is now Christmas Eve (in case that had escaped anyone's notice). I've had a busy old day, as well. I had a bit of a lie-in this morning whilst tsking at the news that Chappers is leaving Scott Mills' show (oh, and the PR4L read out the text I sent in yesterday about it being Christmas Eve Eve and how that's even more cool when you know someone called Eve because then you can say "It's Christmas Eve Eve, Eve!"), and then I had to head off to Marksies to collect this year's turkey. On my first attempt at leaving the house, I got to the top of the path and realised that although the roads were ice-free, the pavements were still covered in a thick layer of the stuff, and a hesitant toe poke down on the surface sent my foot skidding sideways and I decided that attempting to walk to my car would not be A Good Idea. What was A Good Idea, though, was table salt. I picked my way carefully back down the path and got the tub of salt from the kitchen cupboard, and then went back up and sprinkled a trail of it from the top of our path to the grass verge, thus enabling me to get out onto the road and to my car. Genius! Salt melts ice. Who'd have thunk it? Not the local Council, it seems - not a single one of the pavements had been gritted and people were going everywhere. I kept expecting to see Torvill and Dean going by... Oh, and yesterday was just as bad. Apparently Russ off of Facilities was on his hands and knees sliding down his road because it was the only way to get to the bottom without falling down, and Laraine got stranded on her way up Royal Parade because all around her was sheet ice and she couldn't go anywhere. Nightmare!

Anyway, I'm digressing. Turkey lurkey. So yes, I got to M&S and found a space straight away. They didn't have any cauliflower cheese but a very helpful member of staff told me how to make it (apparently you heat up some milk, thicken it with flour and then add cheese), but I decided to take my chances at Tesco and see whether they had any. I had to queue a while to get my turkey and I was a bit anxious because there was this couple stood off to the side who were moaning because they'd ordered their turkey and it hadn't got there for some reason. So I wasn't sure whether they'd have mine! The lady in front of me didn't get hers (it seems it was the free range whole ones which were causing problems) but they were offering her an alternative as I got mine. And the dear lady behind, when I confessed to being relieved to have my turkey) said that she had a freezer full of things like turkeys, geese and ducks (I don't know whether she lives in a cash and carry or something) and she'd have been prepared to let me have one of those if needs be, because she doesn't like seeing people go without. How sweet?

But I got my turkey and so that was all good, and then I nipped up to Tesco and managed to get some actual cauliflower cheese (no carrot batons though so I've had to buy proper carrots!), and I also got mum's Just Brazils, which are her Christmas present from Teh Dogge, a couple more bottles of wine, a French stick and some more San Miguel. I did forget to get myself some port and I'd planned on getting my next lot of contact lenses but also forgot them, but that's okay because I don't really need either just yet.

When I got home it was still too icy to walk Dexter anywhere, and so I set to work on tidying my room. It took a while, but it's done now and it looks so much better. I want to have a proper tidy out at some point and wash down the inside of the windows and all the surfaces as well, but I couldn't be arsed to do it all today. I then had a spot of lunch (duck and orange pate on toast - delicious) and then Dexter finally got his walk. I was glad I'd left it a long time because even by mid-afternoon there was still so much ice around. The path which leads down to the park had a huge patch of black ice in the middle which caught Dexter out when he tried running across it, and his legs almost went out from under him! I stuck to the edge of the path and held onto the railing, and then when I got to the bottom I walked on the grass and just hung around while Dexter took himself around the park.

After coming back home I had a slice of coffee and walnut cake which mum had kindly bought at Lifton yesterday when she met up with Auntie Elsie, Tony and Ellen, and then read for about five minutes before dozing off in the conservatory.

And now I'm back indoors, and am going to have a mug of tea and do some more reading before getting ready to go out for our Christmas Eve meal. This year, we're off to The Positano - I can't wait!

And that's my Christmas Eve so far!
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A talent of mine...

I'm not good at blowing my own trumpet but I would list the following as possible talents:

1. I'm not too shabby at cooking.

2. I'm a pretty good driver (I should not have put that, should I - talk about tempting fate...)

3. Some people seem to like some of the stuff I write.

4. I can touch type accurately at rather a quick rate.

And I think that's it.

In other news, Widewell was ludicrously icy this morning but I managed to get to my car and de-ice it ([ profile] me_unabridged - I used the little ice scraper you bought me last year!), and then I got out to the main road without too much drama. I had planned on turning left at the traffic lights as that's a bus route and therefore more likely to have been gritted but a fire engine and some traffic cones had other ideas and had for some reason blocked the road off, so instead of nipping up there, I had to go all the way down to the bottom of Southway and then back up Tamerton Foliot Road before getting onto the A386 at Crownhill. It was -1 according to my car's temperature doobry. MINUS ONE! That's less than zero! Colder than freezing! WTF??? This is Plymouth, it's not supposed to happen here!! *stomps angrily*

Dexter is still at Happy Hounds, but I'm picking him up on the way home from work. Mum and I had planned on doing the Christmas food shopping this evening, but she's had a dodgy stomach since yesterday morning and so I think we're now going to do it on Wednesday instead. I think I'm getting let out from work at 4.30pm so that should give us plenty of time.

I need to update about the trip to Londinium, but I may run out of time if I start it now, so that'll have to wait until I get in from work. Soz.
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A piece of art...

This is a painting that we have in our toilet (I don't know why it ended up there). It's by an artist called Kate Mawdsley and it makes me smile every time I see it. I just love the expression on the bee's face - he's so cute.

In other news, it's my birthday. Many thanks to everyone who left messages on Facebook! And thanks so much to the very lovely Chen for my awesome virtual gift. And for all the real gifts, as well! I love them all, especially soapy!Stig, Gnorman the Gnome and the fishies!

A thousand thanks also to Rachel - I cannot wait to get spending with my book tokens!!!

I had a good day. I was working this morning but finished at 12.00pm and nipped up into town to finish off my Christmas shopping. I got everything I needed, and so now I just have to get something for mum from Dexter and wrap that and Dexter's present and then I'm done - huzzah!

Then Steph came over to do my nails, and after she'd gone I went to the Post Office to send off some stuff which needed sending before coming home.

This evening, we're staying in and having pizza delivered, and then tomorrowe we're off up to London Village early doors. Our flight is meant to leave at 7.50am but I've seen the forecast for London and whilst we may take off okay, it looks as though there's a good chance it'll be nothing more than a pleasure trip and we'll end up coming back to Plymouth! Keep your fingers crossed for us?

And on that note, I'm going to take myself off to the sofa and curl up with a book and crack open a tin of Carling whilst listening to the end of Scott Mills. Huzzah!

Day 5 of 30

Dec. 5th, 2009 06:50 pm
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Today I have to share with you my favourite quote.

My favourite quote is a play on the "serenity" one, and it goes like this:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I cannot accept
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of all the people I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

I don't really have any bodies to hide today, as no-one has pissed me off. The only thing which did piss me off was the Sellotape when I was wrapping some Christmas presents, because it wouldn't come off the roll straight and it kept getting caught on itself and rendering itself useless. I haven't yet wrapped everything. I have a couple more things I'll probably get for people and I also have something for someone which needs to be sent off but which couldn't be wrapped today because I ran out of gift tags. So I'll do that tomorrow and will then do the other stuff as and when I get it.

In other news, I have booked a table at the Positano for Christmas Eve. Huzzah! I'm trying decide now where to go when we're in London because a) Topo Gigio isn't Topo Gigio any more, and b) we're having Italian on Christmas Eve and I think I'm also having it in Manchester next weekend, so I don't want to get all pasta'd out. If anyone has any suggestions for good places to eat in central London, feel free to share them!

This evening, I am cooking chicken stuffed with cheese and parsley and wrapped in parma ham, and am going to enjoy that (hopefully), followed by some rhubarb crumble and clotted cream. I also have San Miguel and then some rosé for later on. Bliss.

Tomorrow, I will be putting up all of the decorations and decorating Tree 543-892, doing the food shopping and then doing some writing. I was set a target last night of 5,000 words over the weekend and I've done around 2,200 so far today, so I should hopefully hit my target.
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This year's tree has arrived. He's called Tree 543-892 and he's drying out in the conservatory until tomorrow, when he'll be getting decorated. He has a slight lean to the side and he's a bit bent at the top but I think he'll do a good job.

I've also ordered this year's turkey and will be fetching him on Christmas Eve.

This afternoon, I'm going to do some actual wrapping. I am not looking forward to that.


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