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I've been feeling slightly delicate today after far too many boozes yesterday. I didn't get up out of my bed until around 11.00am, and have been taking it easy since then, apart from having to go out and walk Teh Dogge. I've mostly enjoyed watching the cricket - Smith and Kallis were going far too well for a while but then Swann got Kallis and Smith got out soon after in a comedy run-out, and Duminy has gone as well. Tomorrow should be interesting!

Christmas Day was lovely! I got up at around half 8 and then we had smoked salmon mousse for breakfast, washed down with some Moet, before starting the present opening. I got loads of really brilliant presents - huge thanks to [ profile] me_unabridged and [ profile] composim for the gifts, I'm really chuffed with everything! *hugs*

After opening the presents it was almost time for lunch, which turned out very well indeed. We then went for a short walk down into Widewell Woods, but we didn't dare venture any further because there was still quite a lot of ice around (but not quite as much as Christmas Eve).

We then vegged out on the sofa and I rang Chen for a chat and also spoke to Kate, Martyn and Megan on the phone. And then I cooked far too much food for the evening and we ate quite a lot of that while drinking lots of beer and wine and gin and tonic before finally falling into bed close to midnight.

Apart from lounging around and feeling ropey whilst watching the cricket, today I have been given a huge shock by Plymouth Argyle who, having not scored so much as a single goal since 7th November, went and won away at Cardiff. Unbelievable, Geoff!

I don't go back to work until Tuesday so I still have another couple of days off after today. I haven't got anything planned though - it depends really on what the weather's doing. Hopefully I'll manage to get out for at least one nice walk though, and I'm also hoping to do some writing - huzzah!
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Nov. 28th, 2009 04:27 pm
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Wow, Barnsley are going to be pretty pissed off right about now. 4-1 up they were at Home Park, and the game's just been abandoned due to a waterlogged pitch! Unbelievable, Geoff!

The weather is pretty shocking, to be fair. It started raining at around 2.00pm and has been bucketing it down ever since. We've even had thunder and lightning! According to the weather forecast, we were meant to have 'showers' today. Well, this is one big shower, I tell you. I'm just waiting for mum to ring from the Park & Ride now, so that I can go and fetch her. She'll be soaked to the skin if she tries walking back from there!

Mum's off to Swansea tomorrow, for a few days, so we're marking her last night in Plymouth by having naughty food, aka chicken Kiev with cauliflower cheese and cheesey mash. Also, wine will be involved. *nods*

First though, I'm going to continue with the fic I've been working on all week, which is coming along quite nicely, even if I do say so myself!


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