Mar. 19th, 2010

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Last night was a night of dreams, mostly of the bizarre and random variety.

First of all, I had a dream that I was having a bit of a fling with Shane Warne. For some reason my mum wasn't best pleased about this and so I was going to introduce the two of them to set her mind at rest but then he got injured and couldn't make the meeting.

Then, I had a dream that there was someone skating too fast on Dancing on Ice and they ended up in the audience because they couldn't stop at the barrier.

And finally, I had a dream that I bought a second hand Land Rover Discovery which had all kinds of weird and wonderful gizmos. I took it off for a drive with some woman who was my second in command in a clothes shop that we owned, and when we came back to the shop we found that the staff had decided to put a half price sale on. My second in command (I didn't catch her name) was very cross, but I told her to wait until we knew how much money they'd taken as opposed to our normal takings. Also, two of the staff were naked gay men.

And then I woke up.

And I was quite disappointed when I woke up because before I opened my eyes I realised the birds weren't singing and so I thought it was still very early doors and I could go back to sleep. But then I did open my eyes and I found that it was already light and I had actually slept through the dawn chorus for once and it was practically time to get up.

So that's me. Mrs Weird Dreams. I'm kind of like that Joseph bloke, only without the dodgy coat.
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Best movie...
Um... This is kind of tricky. I haven't seen any movies at all so far this year. I suspect, though, that this may be rectified next weekend!

Best song...
Is that Ego song from this year? I think it's by The Saturdays but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, if that's from this year, I'll pick that. If that was last year though, I'll go for that new one by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. (In a past life, I was a gay man, I'm convinced of it!)

Best book...
I think The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes has been the best one I've read so far this year, followed closely by My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I need to get back into the habit of reading though. I've only read 9 books so far this year! *hangs head in shame*

Anyway, I cannot stop for now. I have a date with some Quorn sausages, some mashed potato, some baked beans and a tin or three of Carlsberg! Cheers!


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