Jan. 24th, 2010

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I've once again managed to have a spectacularly lazy Sunday.

I got up at around 10.00am and had a quick breakfast before taking Teh Dogge for a short walk over to Belliver and back. Then I went to Tesco and did my weekly food shop (I am so rock 'n' roll), and since then I've done very little but sit around and read (The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes).

I have done a couple of constructive things, mind. I've cooked up the topping for tomorrow's jacket spud (baked beans, mushrooms and chopped bacon), and I've got my gym bag ready for tomorrow morning.

Yes, that's right - my gym bag. My actual gym bag. I am indeed going to the gym tomorrow morning. Before work. And I may swim as well. Expect tales of woe and achiness this time tomorrow...

This evening promises to bring yet more laziness. I have a curry ding waiting to go in the oven, and I have some San Miguel with my name on it, and a little bit of Chablis left over from Friday night. And that's all going to be consumed while I've got my feet up in front of the telly, watching celebs either being brave or falling over on Dancing on Ice. I think I can cope with that.

Oh, and I know I don't watch football any more, but can I just laugh at Arsenal? What's that? I can? Awesome! *laughs at Arsenal*


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