Jan. 17th, 2010

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I've had a proper lazy day today.

I got up at around 9.45am and had a bite of breakfast before walking Dexter. Then I read for quite a while, until I could feel myself getting ready to doze off. So I then got myself up and nipped off to Tesco to do my weekly shop (back on the healthy stuff again tomorrow), and then went down to M&S to get a stuffed salmon thing for tonight's dinner (which we've just eaten) and a very naughty KFC for lunch. And then this afternoon I did a bit more reading, watched some old episodes of Escape to the Country (I'm getting rather obsessed with this show, which is a tad worrying because it's making me want to escape to the country myself and sadly can't afford to), and then I walked Dexter again before coming back, reading some more, and then cooking and eating dinner whilst watching Ski Sunday.

And now we're watching Dancing on Ice, but I'm on delay so no spoilers please!

I'm planning on getting up early doors to do some exercise before work tomorrow, but I can't decide whether to just go to the gym, just go for a swim or do a bit of both. Decisions, decisions...

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering - I'm not mentioning the cricket because I have nothing constructive to say about it, except this... Why do England show you a bit of how good they can be and then always go and spoil it by being crap, and how do some of the Saffas sleep at night?

Right. Time to watch some ice skating. And to drink some wine. Good stuff!


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