Jan. 1st, 2010

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Last night, I thought that Plymouth was being invaded by space aliens. At midnight, all the usual fireworks were going off, but interspersed with them were lots of small orange glowing lights, which just kind of floated in sky. At first, I thought they were helicopters but then I realised there were far too many of them for that. And so I came to the (inevitable) conclusion that they must be intergalactic craft, piloted by space aliens. I was getting quite excited about this when Darren off of next door appeared on his patio and informed me that in fact they were some kind of lantern which apparently you light and then they float off. There we are, then...
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A few of us are doing this, I think. I'm going to attempt to post a picture a day every day for the next twelve months. Obviously sometimes that will prove impossible if I'm away for example, but I will try to do catch up posts when I get back so hopefully by the end of 2010 you'll have seen 365 of my photos.

Anyway, without further ado here's today's photo, which I took of the pheasant we ate for lunch, just before he went in the oven...

And... Day 29 of the 30 days meme.

My hopes, dreams and plans for the next twelve months...

My hope is that I, my family and friends all have a happy and healthy year.

Dreams for the year... Well, I always dream for my Somerset boys to have a good season and this year I'm hoping for a bit of silverware... *crosses fingers*

As for plans - I have a few! I'm planning on joining a new gym tomorrow and then I'm going to be exercising five times a week. I'm also planning on getting back into Slimming World properly and I want to lose four stone over the next twelve months, starting from Monday. I am also planning on doing a lot more writing this year, and am aiming for a minimum of 5,000 words per week. Other plans I have include a holiday to Italy at Easter, another holiday to Mallorca in July and hopefully a trip to America in October, but nothing's booked there yet. And of course there will be the usual cricketty days out, as well as visits to London, Seaham and Manchester. BRING IT ON!


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